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May 23, 2008 01:30 PM

dining in downtown Atlanta

I will be in Atlanta for a week in July and I'm looking for dining options. I'm staying at the Hilton on Courtland so I need suggestions within walking distance. I will be alone so let me know any area I should steer clear of. I would like suggestions of places that are not awkward for single diners (I usually prefer eating at the bar when dining solo). Also, I'm able to cab it to other areas for a few evening meals so if you have any suggestions for Midtown, Little Five Points or Five Points I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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  1. Hi - if you provide us with some more specifics of what sorts of dining experiences you are looking for, we could be more helpful. Also, if you do a search, you will find tons and tons of people asking the same general question and lots of recommendations.

    Hope you have a good trip!

    1. Walking distance?? Alone?? Female??
      IMHO, even though the area is getting better, I don't think I would walk to any restaurants in that area alone at night, even though there are many solo diner spots within a mile (Ted's Montana Grill, FAB, Peasant Bistro, Stats, Maxim Prime, Room at Twelve). Cabs would be very cheap and less than five minutes, even to Midtown (Baraonda, Enoteca Carbonari, Ecco, Two Urban Licks, Repast).

      1. I guess I don't agree with the person who said downtown isn't safe. I am female and I would feel fine walking from your hotel to places downtown, especially the ones near Centennial Park. My favorite new restaurant is the Peasant Bistro. The menu and food are fabulous. The bar is also quite nice for dining and the bartenders are friendly. I hope Benny is there; he'll make you feel at home. Have a good time!

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          I didn't write "downtown isn't safe." I go there all the time with my kids. I wrote I wouldn't walk alone at night (especially in an unfamiliar city).
          The area has great new restaurant additions and that we can agree on. Hopefully the service at Peasant Bistro has improved. Have they finally hired a chef?

        2. I visit often and one of my new favs is Beleza on Juniper and 8th. (Courtland originates as Juniper in midtown). It is fantastic and you could walk. Also, another favorite is the Globe off 5th near Georgia Tech. You would need to cab it but not too far.

          1. I very much agree with the statement that you probably don't want to be out walking anywhere downtown by yourself. Not that we hear a lot of problems with things happening, but downtown Atlanta does have a homeless problem with numerous panhandlers and you probably won't feel that comfortable. I just wouldn't put yourself in that situation when cabs are inexpensive and a safer way to get around. Two places I would recommend very nearby that are great are Sotto Sotto (unbelievable Italian - not the cheesy kind, but handmade pastas and fresh fish boned at the table for you). Another place that is fun and really good is Rathbun Steak, or Rathbun's (I prefer the steak restaurant better). He recently beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef and is really rocking the cuisine these days.

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              Atlantachowhound, I want to go to either Rathbun Steak or Rathbun's soon, so I'm interested in why you prefer the steak one better. FYI, I would probably get steak at either place. Thanks.

              1. re: martyparty

                I've dined at Rathbuns and Krog, however not the Steakhouse. Wasn't impressed with either Krog or Rathbuns. Good ideas...but the execution was lacking. The bartender had to make my drink three times, apparently she forgot how to make it (btw, i didn't ask her to, just watched her start it over and over again). She never did make it right but it was still good. Their beer, wine, and libations selections are great. As were the desserts. For the group that I dined with, it was all the inbetween that was lacking.

                1. re: martyparty

                  We got to go to Rathbun's right after it was opened, so in all fairness, they were a little off their game with regards to pretty much the whole operation. I thought that the food was ok, the service horrible, and the environment much too noisy to carry on conversation. We live up in Buckhead, so we didn't feel like it was worth the trek. With our visit to the Steakhouse, it was pretty much a perfect evening from the greeting of the hostess, to the table located near "the pass," the food was amazing (but they should still put salt and pepper out on the table) and the service was right on the mark. Kevin was holding down the fort in the kitchen, so I don't know if that had something to do with it. We would definitely make the trek back down there.

                2. re: atlantachowhound

                  Thank you all for the feedback on walking/cabbing and the restaurant suggestions. I've googled several of these restaurants to get addresses so I will try to check a few out.