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May 23, 2008 01:26 PM

Brattleboro vt- breakfast,brunch, or lunch- Sun

Meeting up with our daughter and her hubby for lunch in Brattleboro on our way to Woodford, Vt. We don't want to get off the route for fear of getting lost. Any good places on Rout 9? I did a little search and saw something about the Royal Diner? and a cafe on the Ct River. Any help??? No chains, just something brunchy or soup, salad, sandwhich or lite meal.

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  1. The Royal would be an excellent choice. It is right off the highway and has slightly more adventurous offereings than a standard diner.

    1. I agree with DaceyD. Chelsea Royal Diner is perfect for an inexpensive breakfast, lunch or dinner and it's right on Route 9. You really can't go wrong. The menu is extensive and will please anyone. Take a look at their menu.

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        Chelsea Royal is most likely your best option. They also have homemade ice cream and they try to use local foods.