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May 23, 2008 12:53 PM

Person in BOARD

I have my favorite boards bookmarked. I just logged in to NY Outer Boroughs and noticed that every single thead appears as

Thread Title Blah Blah Blah

(not literally, this is just the format)
Has it always been like this? It seems undesirable to show the redundant "in OUTER BOROUGHS" over and over.

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  1. No, it has not always been like this - I just noticed this today. Can this be switched back to the way it was previously? It just adds visual noise to the boards, making them both more difficult and less pleasant to use. Thanks!

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    1. re: mdg

      I just noticed it now. Makes it harder to read the list of topics for sure.

      1. re: mdg

        I agree completely. Its far more difficult to read the pages.

        1. re: mdg

          I couldn't figure out what was bothering my eyes so much until I found this thread. Please - change it back!

        2. Another vote for changing it back, please.

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          1. re: Stephanie Wong

            Agree, with all the site problems we're having right now, why on earth are the engineers spending time making fixes to things that aren't broken? Why not fix the things that would actually make the site useable?!

            1. re: Chris VR

              It looks like it is fixed now - thanks!