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May 23, 2008 12:35 PM

Rec for SF Kid-Friendly but nice place?

Visiting SF in the city for the weekend...would like to have dinner Saturday night in a hip/cool part of town with a good vibe/good energy...but I don't know the city well enough!

1) Must be kid friendly (one toddler)
2) Have a good shot at making reservations for 6-9 people today for Saturday night ~ 6:30PM
3) American/European/Asian cuisine
4) Around $30 average entree or less

Any recommendations? Ideally, if the neighborhood had a bunch of outdoor coffeehouses for relaxing afterwards, that'd be ideal for post dinner conversations....Please help!

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  1. A party of 6-9 for THIS Saturday night? Reservations will be tough. I'd look at Open Table to see what's available for that size party for around the time that you want, and then come back to see which of those options would work for you.

      1. My eight year old son loved Beretta when we were there for dinner three weeks ago. They were very acomodating for our party of 8, and @ 6:30 you may have a decent shot of getting in. Although they are M. Bauer's pizza friday feature today, it may be worth a shot.

        1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110