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May 23, 2008 12:28 PM

What to cook for top chef?

Hey yall,

My friends and i get together each week for top chef. This week its my turn to host. Im looking for very easy,preferably one-pot recipes that can serve a group of 5-8. Weve already had paella, manicotti, and enchiladas. It needs to be economical and easy enough to be prepared after work ( 2-3 hours?). I do have a dutch oven, so i could also braise. Id love to do something springy/summery.... I was thinking coq a vin or arroz con pollo, but im open to suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. A great French spring dish is Navarin d'agneau which is a lamb stew with fresh green peas. I know there is a recipe in Julia Child's cookbook, but you probably could also find it on epicurious etc

    1. Pasta Primavera? Asparagus and baby peas and haricot vert for green, carrots and/or red pepper for color, and onions of course, maybe zucchini or broccoli. Add chicken strips if you want protein and shrimp is not economical. I prefer a white sauce, but you can lighten it by using butter in your roux and whole milk or even 2% to finish.

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        Braised sribs are always popular - even the Top Chefs seem to make them a lot on the show.. You can do them ahead, and just warm them. They always taste better the second day.