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May 23, 2008 12:12 PM

How much does Morel's suck?

I am going to be saying, as are many people, at the Palazzo next month. I was going to eat one night at Delmonico's. It a guy thing with me and my best friend and I thought we start with a steak dinner on Thur. night. From reading I hear that Carnevino is way overpriced and I think Cut, while excellent, is more than Del.

Today I got a lower room rate that comes with 50% off a bottle of wine at Morel's. This is making me consider Morel's even though it's branch is in the Grove (seems a bad sign to me). Any thoughts. Anybody eaten at the LV Morel's?

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  1. I can't speak to the quality of the steak at Morels; we went once, for a light supper of oysers, cheese and salumi. It was, without question, the worst service we've ever had in Las Vegas, and possibly anywhere. The restaurant was far from full but it took over two hours for yes, oysters, cheese and salumi. We were sitting out on their outside patio, and it just seemed like they didn't have it together at all. The food was okay, but not great. I recall that the steaks were pricy,but certainly less than Carnevino, et al. In any event, I really wouldn't recommend it, as I have heard from others that our experience was not atypical.

    1. I just booked an amazingly cheap room at Palazzo under that same offer. I may just chance Morel's if only to get a great bottle of wine at half price.

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        Wish I had gotten than great bottle of wine at half price. We were four at dinner at Morels just a few weeks ago. My suggestion - we were staying at Palazzo - had tickets for "O" at 10:30 - and I had lunched several times at The Grove location and had enjoyed. So it seemed a good bet. And it was. We were all pleased with the service - friendly and attentive and well informed. The food was all fine. Sorry, can't remember now what we had other than the oysters and calamari to start. And some great cheese to finish. We were all well satisfied.

        Dinner the next night at Lotus of Siam, and the food was sensational as always. Service a bit off, but we were all so happy with the food we didn't much care. A great breakfast at Bouchon as well.

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          Well, I appreciate the opinions so far. I still have about 3 weeks to go so we'll see.

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          We've become friendly with one of the restaurant managers at Rosemary's, and he had a lunch or two at Morels and said it was fine, especially the salumi and cheese. He knew at least one person working there and so he probably got special treatment. Though I live in L.A., I've never been to the Morels at the Grove and am very skeptical about the one at the Palazzo. What are the rates on that offer at Palazzo? I think I should be getting offers since we already signed up for their players club and played a little pai gow there, but so far nothing. When the Wynn first opened we had (and took advantage of) an offer for two free nights, it was awesome. We're hardly high rollers, either.

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            Debbie W

            Here is the offer I was emailed. All you really need is the promotion code:


            They are offering suites from $159 which is way low. I never pay top dollar for rooms in Vegas. Being an easy 4-hour drive away I am able to book great rates by being flexible. This is the best room rate at Palazzo or Venetian I've seen.

            If you decide to do it, consider the Concierge Level which is now only $239. Great food presentations and elevated level of service. Worth the extra dough and has never been this cheap.