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May 23, 2008 11:59 AM

Lunch in Atlantic Highlands?

Forgive me if I asked this already, meant to before and can't remember if I posted...

Taking my mother for lunch this weekend in Atlantic Highlands, followed, of course, by a visit to The Flakey Tart.

Where do you recommmend? It looks like Julia's does not serve lunch.


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  1. how about inlet cafe? they are open for lunch I believe.

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    1. re: nyebaby37

      The Inlet is actually in Highlands not Atlantic Highlands but a good pick. You might check Bella's in AH if they are open for lunch they are pretty good.

      1. re: Eric in NJ

        Thanks Eric in NJ -- where is one from the other. I know where the ATLANTIC Highlands is -- where is highlands? Thx

        1. re: nyebaby37

          Highlands is the next town just down the road from AH. Right before Sandy Hook.

    2. I don't know if Copper Canyon serves lunch on weekends, but that's a great place.

      1. Thanks! Never made it over to AH this weekend but probably will in the next couple of weekends for lunch. Will add Bella's and Copper Canyon to our list.

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        1. re: dani0622

          Skip the Canyon - the contemptuous attitude that the owner and servers convey overpowers the generally well crafted meals... Spend your money at Bella's you'll get a great meal and appreciation for your business. I live in AH and have eaten at both places. The "Canyon" experiences that we residents share include variations of : being rushed through meals to make room for the owner's friends; finding out after being served that there is a "seating" in 20-30 minutes and then being ushered out while the owner chats with a table that arrived before you and show no indication of leaving in fact they order another round of drinks after their meal as you collect your coats; being told there was "nothing available" only to have another member of the same dinner group call (who knew owner better) and get their reservation taken immediately; to having a credit card overbilled by a server for $35.00 and when politely approached the next day having the owner shrug it off and say its the "banks fault" and "it happens all the time with debit cards..." It is certainly your choice but my money and my recommendation goes to Bella's.

          1. re: Citadel82

            In response to Citadel's post I would add that I've dined at Canyon more than a half dozen times and never experienced the service issues described. Furthermore, while I would not characterize the food at Canyon as being being groundbreaking, it was far better than that I received at Bella's during my one and resultant only visit there.

            1. re: Citadel82

              Citadel........funny you should mention that. Everytime we have gone there we are asked how long we plan to stay before they will seat us. I found that rather odd. Now I understand what is happening.

              1. re: Citadel82

                I have to concur with Citadel on Copper Canyon. I have personally had some of those experiences and have heard countless recounted to me by friends and relatives. It is really just a small place with a big following, so it always seems bustling. They suffer from their own success and sometimes take for granted that there will always be a wait at the door. It is working so far, we'll see for how long.

            2. thanks for the additional feedback. we'll probably end up at Bella's as the mom tends to not want to deviate from any cuisine that isn't Italian or American. Will report back once I head over there.