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Where to Buy Cashew Butter?

I'm trying out a new recipe. It's a brown rice and walnut loaf with cashew gravy. The recipe requires "cashew butter," which I've never even heard of.

Where does one find cashew butter? I don't think the regular grocery stores carry it, but of course, I have never ever looked for the product, so don't know. Would it be in the baking aisle or the dairy section?

I'm in the Los Angeles area (South Bay).

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  1. look for it where you find peanut butter. or perhaps with the peanut butter in the natural foods/organics section.

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      Great! Thanks so much, vanillagrrl!

    2. Trader Joe's carries it as well.

      1. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's both carry cashew butter.

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          I looked for cashew butter at my local Whole Foods (Tustin, CA) but they did not have it.

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            I was just there yesterday -- they have it, but it's near the bulk nuts, not near the peanut butter. It's also ridiculously, shamefully, chutzpathically expensive.

            Henry's in Fullerton has it for -- literally -- a third of the price of that ridiculous Tustin Whole Foods.

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              Huh, guess that's why it's called Whole Paycheck, eh? Last time I was at WF I was laughing at how expensive some of their stuff is. That's why I prefer Sprouts these days. Will try Henry's next time. Thanks for the tip! :-)

        2. I love cashew butter. Definitely Trader Joe's. They always have tons of nut butters.

          1. I would go to a health foods store.

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              My local co-op has cashew, almond and occasional macadamia butter.

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                Trader Joe's has plain cashew butter and also cashew-macadamia butter. Plus soynut butter and sunflower butter for people who are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

            2. Trader Joe's carries it? Great! And they're cheaper too. Thanks so much for all these suggestions!

              1. Pamela, it is just as easy to make cashew butter as it is to make peanut butter. Put the cashews or peanuts in your blender and whirr until you have a soft, spreadable butter. Stop a bit earlier if you want it to be chunky instead of smooth. This works with other nuts and it dead easy. If, for some reason, the nuts are a bit dry you can add a drop or two of peanut or other vegetable oil. You want it salty? Add some salt. This is a great system if you only need a couple of TBLS and don't figure to use your walnut or pecan or cashew butter very often. Keep it in the refrigerator since it will turn rancid after a while.

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                  This is a great suggestion, Sherri. I'd like to add that some health food markets actually don't sell pre-ground nut butters -- they have grinders near the bulk nuts and tubs to catch the results. There will nearly always be two -- one for peanuts and one for tree nuts, so as to avoid cross-contamination for those allergic to one or the other.

                2. If you get up to the LA area, Magee's at Farmer's Market (the Grove) has the best nut butters EVER. Their cashew butter is to die for. If you don't get to LA, they have a website and you can order it online. I do it all the time. Pricey but totally worth it.

                  1. I'd also suggest looking to your nearest public/farmer's market type place...that's where I purchased my last batch ! It was at a place that was selling fresh roasted nuts and fresh nut butters.