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May 23, 2008 11:51 AM

Lansing Mi

I am planning a visit from the west coast to Lansing Mi to visit a friend there. My friend does not seem to care much for seafood which I love. Nor is my friend an adventurous diner like myself. Would appreciate any suggestions on affordable dining options in the area. Am determined to get my friend to try something new... My motto--"Try it , you might like it"
Thanks in advance.....

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  1. There was a recent Lansing thread here:

    Not totally encouraging, but some suggestions did shake loose after awhile. I do not like El Azteco.

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      I'm not crazy about El Az either. I recommend you try one of the many great middle eastern restaurants here.

    2. Cugino's in Grand Ledge is 7 miles west of Lansing and has old school Italian.
      Two of my favorites are the Penne with Vodka sauce and the Calabrese Pizza.

      1. There are a lot of great Lansing area restaurants. Unfortunately, I'm with your friend on seafood...there are a couple "You Buy, We Fry" places(Lansing Fish Market on Edgewood and Fresh Fish and Fries on MLK) that I've heard some good about and would be affordable. There's also Gilbert & Blakes in Okemos. I've eaten lunch there and had good burgers...could be a little pricey. There aren't a lot of "local" seafood places for the obvious reasons... <---this could help if your looking for something other than seafood.

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          Just thought of Scalawags Whitefish &'s probably as close to a local place as you can get in Lansing. They're a Michgian based chain with just six restaurants. There's one in Lansing (Delta Township) and one in Okemos

          Scalawags White Fish & Chips
          644 Migaldi Ln, Lansing, MI 48917

          Scalawag's Whitefish & Chips
          1754 Central Park Dr # 1, Okemos, MI

        2. There's not much in the way of seafood around lansing because it's pretty landlocked- but if you're looking for some whole food and some great beer, try the Traveller's Club Tuba Museum in Okemos. If you're around for breakfast, look up Golden Harvest Cafe in Old Town Lansing... it's amazing. There are also places like The Peanut Barrel downtown East Lansing, and some largescale chain restaurants out near Lake Lansing Road... but you probably have those out on the west coast anyway.