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May 23, 2008 11:32 AM

Plan B in Glastonbury

Just drove by the Erik Town Center and saw a sign up in the window that Plan B will be opening on Friday, May 30th. We may head over there to check it out. Friends have told me that the West Hartford restaurant is great. Any opinions? Jay

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  1. Wow, that fast? From the looks of it, seems longer. A stroll to Guilianno for gelato would be nice as well. I've been wondering....Who's Erik?

    1. We've been to Plan B Burger Bar in West Hartford a number of times - very good burgers and a wide selection of beers and ales. Plan B burgers are unique in that they are very loosely packed and very fresh and flavorable. Another welcome addition to the food scene in Glastonbury.

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      1. re: 02sbxstr

        I just like them. It ends there. Burgers are pretty good, not my favorite. Bar is great, everything else is poor. I always get beat up for my opinion because everyone seems to swear by their burgers. I have definitely had better. You definitely should try them. They are good for the bar and a burger.

        1. re: luvthemdogs


          Plan B in W hartford is what it is. Freshly ground slider spot with pizzazz. Funky little spot with 8 bar seats and 40 seats that has great beer on tap and plenty of small bites to choose from. I could do without the soundgarden and lost patrol and would love to hear more loungey beats... but love the eclectic feel.

          I love - I mean love their 'green fries'

          I understand their new place is a bit more cosmopolitan and I think it'll be great. Still a window to see what's being ground up?

      2. the burgers are pretty good and you can count on them being fresh and some combinations even innovative. you will get better burgers at other places in ct, but not so close (colchester probably the closest burger of equal or greater quality).

        the beer is waaaay too expensive.. last time i was there it was $13.25 for two pints at the bar. good selection, but eli cannon's is better with comparable food, more space, and beers are ~4.50 a pop.

        unfortunately, plan b aims to be a hip hangout spot and charges accordingly.

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        1. re: goodbyeohio

          goodbye - was that WH or glastonbury. I have yet to go to Glastonbury, but I'm in WH a few times a month and end up at PLAN B often. 4 bucks a beer and 10 worth of sliders? I'm out at 20-25 a trip but have a three different beers to match my sliders. Better burgers sure? better beer at cheaper prices? sure but it's always interesting at Plan B. Lively. Good mixture of people and expectations.

          1. re: ElizabethHenton

            gbury isn't open yet.. this was WHa. two pints, 13.25. won't ever forget that # as its probably the most i've ever paid. and the bald dude with the manicured moustache was serving me (he's good, he knows the deal).. so they must have boosted the bucks.

            eli cannon's 10 mins south, john harvard's 10 mins east, and cambridge house 20 mins north.. either i'm MAD CRAVING lobster on my hamburger or i'm all set with plan B.

            1. re: goodbyeohio

              If you think Plan B's beer is expensive, you should go to Yankee Stadium some time.

              1. re: coldduck

                when i do, i abstain. no space in this belly for BMC beers

        2. I did check out the inside the other day as well and it does look upscale and "cosmopolitan". They were still painting. Looks nice but if the beers are $13, forget about it. We will just go to the Diamond or Village Pizza.

          Biscuitboy - I believe Erik is the complex owner's son. Jay

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          1. re: JayCT

            Try Catsup and Mustard on Main Street in Manchester. Their burgers rival Harry's Place in Colchester and their beer is bargain priced. Open late too and becoming quite a hangout for the younger set (alas!), what with live music on the weekends.

            1. re: thos

              The burgers are fine, not extraordinary. Service in WH is the worst in the area--everyone I know comments on it. I'm amazed at the expansion so quickly to Glastonbury. I hope the bar area is bigger there--there's no where in WH to wait for tables that seem to turn over too slowly for a burger place.

              1. re: TimCat

                Agree. They also opened in Simsbury at the old One Way Fare. Sometimes over-expansion can kill. However, I think they'll do fine in Glastonbury.

                1. re: luvthemdogs

                  I’ve heard great things about the current Plan B’s that last night I took a date to the new one in Glastonbury. Surprisingly we where seated right away, I was expecting a wait judging by how impossible it was to find parking. Two young ladies are sat down next to us and the waitress quickly took their drink order, but here’s where the nightmare experience begins, we had been sitting and waiting for almost 15 minutes for her to take our order. Now I’m going to give them some benefit of the doubt that everyone is new, they just opened a week ago, etc etc. If it wasn’t for my date at this point I would’ve left, we eventually flagged her down and asked her to take our order and she quickly became very confused and stated that she wasn’t our waitress… So to make a long story short, she finally agreed to take our order and when I asked to be read the beers on tap she essentially refused and asked what kind of beer I like… Well quick background on myself, I’m a BJCP judge, I’ve been brewing for 7 years, I know my beers and I want to hear the full damn list, after some work I convinced her to read the list and she did it with some attitude and frustration (sorry princess, didn’t mean to make you do your job.) Dogfish Head 90 Minute was on so it was a sure bet for me, a favorite of mine. I ordered the Blue Cheese burger which is topped with bluecheese, sautéed onions and a bbq sauce with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and my date the Baja with a side of the Truffle fries. It didn’t take to long for our order to arrive and immediately we noticed that the Truffle fries where not very truffley (it’s a new word) before we could mention this to the waitress I cut into my (medium) burger and was quickly completely and utterly disgusted, it was completely raw, not just in the middle raw, but with the exception of the extreme outside of the burger pure raw and uncooked. It took 5 minutes to flag down the waitress again and she was also very grossed out and turned a nice pale shade and kindly asked if I would like another one (nahh, I’m good with this.. I love raw meat.) Fairly quickly another burger came out and a few minutes later a manager apologizing, she offered a comp desert and left. The new burger was extremely overcooked (isn’t how it always works) and dry. We both suffered through our meals, my dates the Baja burger was to spicy to eat and I’m a big spice fan. I couldn’t stomach it myself, we split my overcooked burger. When the waitress asked if we wanted anything else (20 minutes later and 10 minutes after my beer had run dry) I asked that they just comp the burger and that I would not be having desert. If I had only known that would turn into 20 more miserable minutes and a discussion with another manager before getting my bill.

                  Next time, my Plan B will be Catsup and Mustard on Main Street in Manchester. Sorry Plan B, maybe I’ll give it another shot in a few months or check out the West Hartford one but for now I think I’ll go with Plan C (anything else.)

                  1. re: JoshM

                    a place to see and be seen for central ct hipster clowns. for great burgers, seek out a place that focuses on such. nuff said.

                    1. re: goodbyeohio

                      ok. Had almost the same experience as Josh several nights ago. There's a lot or maybe too much for them to get right. I won't return. I do like the one in WH though.

                    2. re: JoshM

                      In defense of a restaurant that had opened only 5 days previously and has exhibited a winning business plan elsewhere, I have to offer a contrary experience. We also ate at Plan B on the same evening as Josh. Our server, Liz, was ever attentive without being over bearing. My Blue Cheeseburger was excellent, as was my wife's Ultimate Cheeseburger. Plan B is a welcome addition to Glastonbury - well positioned between fast food and pizza and Max Fish/Amore and J Gilbert's.

                      Not sure what 'central ct hipster clowns' are - we're in our 50's. People seem to like to pick on Glastonbury. Perhaps ohio could inform us of his picks for burgers.

                      I do have2 nits to pick with Plan B though. I h ope someone from the restuarnat will read this. 1) The burgers are too big! They should offer a smaller option - but please don't call it a Senior option. 2) They need a listing of the beers they are serving included in the menu.

                      1. re: 02sbxstr

                        Tonight we decided to try the new Plan B in Glastonbury. Arriving at 5:30pm on a Sunday we were surprised to see the restaurant so crowded. Nice decor, nice bar area, well considered menu, great beer selection (wow). After a 15 minute wait, we seated with great expectations. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there. In retrospect, we should have left.

                        Service, while attentive, was lacking in action. Wrong beer was served, served without a glass, glass eventually came, but was dirty (!), only a portion of the drink order arrived (ever). First course arrived 45 minutes after ordering, burgers arrived 90 minutes (!) after ordering. Check came with double charging for two of the meals and a single bottle of beer was on the bill for $15.50 (so check your bill over as our server said this was a common occurrence and apologized). Took 30 minutes to correct the bill, manager comp'd a desert (apple pie pizza) which took another 30 minutes to arrive. The service staff needs more experience and the kitchen needs toget their act together as 90 minutes for a burger and a salad is frankly unacceptable.

                        The food was very good, however the slow kitchen and forgetful service staff take away from a good menu and meal. Tables all around us were experiencing the same problems - none said they would come back - ever.

                        I will be willing to try Plan B in Glastonbury in the future - perhaps in another 2-3 months to give them time to work out the kinks. I hope plan B is still in business at that time. A poor start to what appears to be a great recipe for success.

                        1. re: DougR

                          Hipsters?....You know...The annoying biff and muffy crowd, who can't leave the house without a bottle of water in one hand and talking loudly into a cell phone with the other. Must try the latest thing, just because. As for burgers, I'd recommend Shady Glen, Harry's, Guidas, or Glenwood. Not enough of a "look at me" factor for the hipsters, but good food the the rest of us. What say you, Ohio?

                          1. re: BiscuitBoy

                            Shout out to GoodbyeOhio... he always knows what he's talking about and I laughed out loud at the "hipster clowns" reference.

                            I do like the Plan B in WH because it's decent and convenient (I live in WH) but it's small and never ever worth the wait. Peronally when I want a good burger---I hit 5 guys in Farmington (near Tunxis CC). The only thing that could make it more perfect is if they began serving beer there.
                            I do love everything about the Shadiest of Glens (as I call it) but their burger quality is really on par with McD's. The crispy cheese sells it but that burger patty is of a schwaggy quality. Bury it under the folds of cheese and condiments and I can pretend to love it but I more often find myself ordering something like a BLT with a side o' crispy cheese and savoring a great vanilla shake there.

                            1. re: masha bousha

                              Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Shady Glen's burgers. Really poor quality meat, and overpriced by about double. They make a mean cheesedog, though.

                              Five Guys has a winning 'cheap' burger, and also the bacon cheese dog is not to be missed.

                              My own picks: Max's Oyster Bar in WHC makes a great burger, best in the center IMHO. Grants a close second, everything else is rather pitiful. Fabiola's in Avon - the burger is about the only thing they get right. Good fries too.

                              1. re: ratbuddy

                                Ratbuddy - You are comparing Shady Glen to Max's or Grants???

                                Never been to Five Guys but Shady Glen was featured in a national magazine for the best cheeseburger. It was reported on this Board. Also, as I said the quality of the meat is up there with the better restaurants. And you feel that compaable burgers only cost half the price. What places do you eat that cheap. You can't even get a burger at McD's that cheap. Jay

                                1. re: JayCT

                                  Yes, I'm comparing Shady Glen to Max's and Grants. Both are better. Five Guys makes a much better burger than Shady Glen as well. Following the link below just shows the first 3 posts agreeing that the quality of meat is poor at Shady Glen.

                                  Plan B is somewhere in the middle, by no means chow-worthy, just a run of the mill burger.

                                  1. re: ratbuddy

                                    I guess we are just going to have to disagree then. I (and many many others) love Shady Glen and do not agree with your assessment. You think of it your way and I will think of it mine. Jay

                                    1. re: JayCT

                                      Fair enough. Please do try Five Guys though. I think we'll find common ground there.

                                2. re: ratbuddy

                                  Last year Shady Glen was named best cheeseburger by Esquire Magazine as reported on this board. Check out this thread:


                            2. re: 02sbxstr

                              Seems to me, if you have your s**t together, at all (was married to a woman that opened new Trail Dust Steakhouses), that five days is a lifetime (to start getting things right)!

                      2. re: thos

                        I do love Catsup and Mustard! We stumbled on it one afternoon while apartment hunting. The burger was actually cooked the way we liked (which is a rarity no pun intended), and the waiter was really friendly. When he found out we were apartment hunting at the same complex as his buddy, he even told us some of the caveats of the apartment complex we were looking at.

                        O and btw, Harry's burgers ARE awesome too! Just get two if you're used to a "standard" size burger nowadays :) (Perfect size for me though!)

                        1. re: lolaeatspickle

                          I have tried Plan B a few times & it is good but...for some reason I still think the best hamburgers are at the Wood-n-Tap. There's just something about them...

                    3. Several people I know have tried the new Plan B in Glastonbury now and they all seem to have the same comments. The food is good but the service is horrible. Since the place has been opened a couple of months now, they should have the kinks worked out in the kitchen so the problem seems to be management. There needs to be better oversight of the food and wait staff to be sure the orders are correct and served quickly. Too bad because this is the type of place Glastonbury needs. Personally I am sick of the the chic-chic foo-foo and over=priced places here. Need something good and interesting but not too wild. JMHO Jay

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                      1. re: JayCT

                        I dont care what magazines from NYC say about many of those folks actually made the trip to Manchester to taste a Shady Glen burger...I like the cheese but they use a pre formed patty...and we all know that a hand formed burger hold the juices better and doesn;t dry out..unless you squeeze it with the spatula which happens alot at Harry's in Colchester.

                        Waiting for it to cook just takes too long...restuarnts that servce fast food aren;t built on patience.

                        I know at Harry's they buy 4oz patties and roll them up into balls themselves.

                        Shady Glen is about tradition...and even without the cheese the experience is a good one...and they can;t change the patty...I just wish they would cook it a little less.

                        ...I will say that the coarse ground texture seen in the past seems to be going away to a more finely ground commercial grade patty. It would not surprise me if the recent management issues at SGlen...followed by the death last year of founder Bernice Reig had something to do with this. One of the long time managers who left due to personal issues is now back on site...maybe things will improve.

                        Catsup and Mustard does make a great burger...I wish they would hang their lights a little lower or turn them down...they shine right in your eyes.

                        I was at the corner of Addison and Hebron the other night and a Gbury hipster flying in the wind, cell phone attached to her ear, top down on the convertible she wouldn't have except for marriage (does that sound petty?) and she plows right through the light into the intersection...never slows down and swerves right into the shoulder...slams on the gas...late for the is unfortunate but that us what people think of when they think of Gbury...and Avon and wonder why so many kids end up spoiled. The woman who hit the postman didn't help the rep either.

                        On the way to Oklahoma City..will try their famous Onion Burger tomorow.

                        1. re: sodagirl

                          I am finding that I'm loving your posts and the snarky tidbits you add.
                          Good stuff.