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May 23, 2008 11:11 AM

Jury Room in Quincy?

I was searching for a place for dinner next week in Quincy, when I found this artcle about the Jury Room which opened a couple of days ago. Has anyone been or been by it? Impressions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Awsome food, dining room is nice. Bar is loud but I understand they are putting in some sound boards to help with the echo. I had the steak, just as good as ruth chris and half the price. Had the key lime dessert and it was awsome. Thats all I got for ya..

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        Where exactly is this place in Quincy Center? What is it near? And what type of food? A steak place? Casual? Expensive?

        1. I had dinner there this evening. Our original plan was to have dinner/drinks at The Fat Cat. But there was no a/c at The Fat Cat so after drinks and an appetizer, we moved on to The Jury Room. I had passed it on the way to The Fat Cat from my car. Had never even heard about it.

          We ate on the bar side. The dining area seemed a little fancy for our plans. The bar area was a little loud, but like the previous poster said they're planning to fix that. We actually had a nice chat with the owner. The food was great and although we had wine, they have an incredible beer list. I had the chicken/broccolini/gouda sauce pizza and my friend had the greens salad and the salmon panini. Sorry, I can't remember right now what the "legal" name of my sandwich was. Anyway, the pizza was awesome as were the french fries that came with my friend's sandwich. And he said the rest of his meal was awesome. We followed it up with the key lime pie. I think it was the best klp I've ever had.

          All of the staff were very nice. I'd recommend it. And I plan on going back soon.

          1. Oops - looks like it is across the street from Fat Cat?

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              Yes, it's at the old Kelly's location. Jury opened just last week. I haven't been in yet, but a friend of mine is bartending there and I have promised to get by soon. It sounds like it will be a bit of competition for the Fat Cat.

            2. Had lunch there yesterday ! Definitely serious competition for the Fat Cat. Burger was one of the best around - Love the roasted tomato jam and crispy fries. We also got steak sandwich and key lime pie and heath bar bread pudding for dessert

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                Tried it for lunch yesterday and went with the Class Action flatbread. It turned out to be a good choice, grilled chicken, broccolini and smoked gouda sauce. Tasty and relatively light as the sauce didn't overpower the chicken. I would definitely get it again. Lunch consists of a variety of flatbreads and sandwiches, along with a few salads and appetizers such as fried calamari diavolo style and white bean & spinach dip. The dinner menu IMO at least, seems more interesting. Since they don't have a website yet, here is a sample from that menu. Under the appetizers they offer steak cigars which consist of sliced steak, wrapped and rolled in a garlic & herb pastry finished with smoked gouda dipping sauce. Under salads they offer the usual caesar as well as a strawberry pecan salad and a tomato panzanella salad which is an Italian bread salad with basil, red onion, arugula & olive oil vinaigrette. For entrees they have a few pasta dishes like linguine with clams in a white cream sauce; a number of different steaks ranging from $19 to $27 with an assortment of sauces to choose from as well as a few fish dishes. They also have some different side dishes such as warm potato salad and roasted balsamic vegetables. I think it's going to be a good addition to Quincy, and I'm not so sure it will really compete with the Fat Cat as the menus are quite different. I will always go to the Fat Cat for the lobster mac & cheese.