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gluten-free bakery

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Has anybody been to peaches bakery or any other gluten-free bakeries in the boston area? Do any of them offer tasty treats that picky non-allergic people will enjoy as well?

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  1. Kick Ass cupcakes in Davis Square always has a gluten free cupcake of the day. Can't think of anywhere else at the moment.

    1. Fiore's Bakery

      55 South Street
      Jamaica Plain MA 02130

      This is a vegan bakery which claims to have some gluten-free items. The day we went they didn't have any. If we had known that we probably wouldn't have gone. I would call ahead to make sure they'll have some when you plan to go. We haven't been back, yet.

      1. Lots of gluten free stuff at Debra's Natural Gourmet in West Concord.

        1. Glutenus Minimus is a new gf bakery in belmont. I haven't made it over there yet but I've sampled their tasty goods at Porter Square Bookstore's cafe and Zing pizza.