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May 23, 2008 10:56 AM

Any Venezuelan (arepa) places in Orlando?

Going to a reunion in Orlando with people who use to live in Venezuela. Any one know of a Venezuelan restaurant in the Orlando area?

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  1. I'm surprised nobody answered this yet... Check Amazonas. Buses that goes between Venezuelan spots in Miami and Orlando stop at Amazonas in Orlando area - it's that popular.

    1. Right near DIsney, more precisely Orlando Premium Outlets there is a place called Q'Kenan Cafe.(8117 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821(407) 238-0014).

      They do the Venezuelan arepa sandwiches. Decent food, but you will be paying tourist area prices. Drove past it last week and it was still there. they close at about 6 or 7, so call before you go.

      Amazones is closer to Florida mall area.

      1. You have to try El Cacao. They now have a location at a small stripmall, and it is really worth going there.

        1. There is a small lunch place that sells arepas as well as some other good dishes.

          Orlando Snack Cafe, is owned by and frequented by Venezuelans.

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              It's in the Hunter's Creek area. South Orlando off of John Young Park Way and Town Center BLVD.

          1. My favorite is Arepas El Cacao, Arepas El Gran Saman, Arepas La Nueva, Q'Kenan , and then Taka Takas,