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May 23, 2008 10:44 AM

Vihn Loi---Pho is Bailey's

Has anyone been to the pho place by Trader Joe's in Bailey's Crossroads? Looking to try it this weekend. COuld use some recs.


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  1. I have eaten there a few times and really like it. Their pho with meatbals is good, I like their broth better than Pho 75. Also some other dishes are good, such as the grilled pork and Vietnamese spring rolls on rice vermicelli.

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      Went ths weekend and we all LOVED the broth. Thank you for the recommendations. CHowhound #1 got the pho with meatballs, CHowhound #2 got he pho with tendon, flank, and brisket, CHowhound #3 got eh grilled pork and Vietnamese eggs rolls on vermicelli, and I got the grilled lemongrass chicken.

      The meat was great all the way around and we all had a great first time pho experience. Thank you.