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May 23, 2008 10:19 AM

How is "Niman Ranch" pronounced?

It's always been bugging me. Is it a long "I", or pronounced "Neeman" Ranch?
Just had a great crispy taco last weekend at the Primavera stand at the Ferry Building, with Niman Ranch beef brisket.

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  1. I've heard people who know Bill Niman personally say it NÄ«man (nigh-man).

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      1. Definitely NIGH-man. He was highlighted on Bittman's PBS show that was broadcast this past Saturday on my local station, and I remember being surprised at the introduction because I recall hearing the Nee-man pronunciation before, I think by a restaurant server who I now know was mistaken.

        1. Bill Niman told me it was Nigh-man.

          1. It's pronounced Nye-man. Although when I asked him, Bill said he didn't care how people pronounced it, he just wanted them to buy his meat.

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            1. THank you all! I've been erroneously pronouncing it "Neeman" Ranch all of these years. Now I know.