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May 23, 2008 10:02 AM

soft-shell crabs NC Triangle Memorial wkend

Which restaurants have them? Serving them fresh at good prices?

If I need to pick up some at Earp's and fry em myself I will. Been there lately?

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  1. Crooks Corner in Chapel Hill has them now - they do a great job with soft shell crabs. Yum.

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    1. re: Jeanne

      I had Crook's soft-shell crabs last week. They were phenomenal.

      Elaines is also serving them, I heard, as an appetizer.

      1. re: Jeanne

        I had them at Crook's last week and agree w/ Jeanne, yum.
        $24 w/ 2 slaws and baked cheese grits.

        A friend had them at Elaines and said they were tasty there too.

      2. I was at Earp's the other day - Pretty sure he had them. (But it is late, so sleepiness has the recollection a bit fuzzy) The place was a zoo with holiday weekend preparations. They had a sign saying they will be closed on Mon.

        1. A friend and I went to Crooks last Friday and I had the soft shell crabs. Served with carrot slaw, red cabbage slaw, & baked grits - the crabs were moist and delicious. Fantastic!