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May 23, 2008 10:01 AM

Hotel on the Cay - St croix, USVI

I was raised in St Croix and then moved away. I do visit a lot because my family is there. Although I do find it rather boring and with nothing to do, I like to go and eat out and lay on the beach. One of my favorite spots long, long ago was Hotel on the Cay. However, I recently (March 08) visited there and was amazed. First, they charge $5.00 for a chair which is OK. I ordered a pina colada and they charged me $8.00 in a small plastic cup with no personality, not even a cherry!! When I tasted the drink you could hardly taste the liquor. I kindly ask the bartender and he just pour some local rum with a bad attitude!!. That bartender there is very rude not sure if it because he do not think I am a tourist because I am not white, I am hispanic, although some of the people on that Island should look up the definition of a tourist. Not all tourists are whites!

I ordered lunch and after a long, long wait from the waiter that has been there for decades and looks very unhappy with her job, I order a sandwich which came with potato salad. The sandwich was dry, and the potato salad was old and frozen and whatever it was in that salad, it was not potatoes. That was my worst and more expensive experience I have had on that island.

I love St Croix very much and it hurts me to see how St Thomas has all the business while on St Croix businesses have to close down. However, one of the reasons could be the attitude of the people. I don't understand from where some of these places get their prices so high!! I once sent my daughter to buy a cupcake from a small coffee shop on the boardwalk. I was charged $3.50 for a small cupcake made out of a box!!!

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  1. It has been a very very long time since I was in St. Croix. We never returned because of the attitude of the people at our hotel. Sorry to hear things have not changed.

    1. Two restaurants I enjoy is the Bombay Club and Case Place! I live on St. Thomas and make it a point to go there on my visits. Service has never been a strong point on either island.