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May 23, 2008 09:50 AM

City Cellar Westbury

I was very disappointed with City Cellar. I am not sure why the are doing such a great business. The bread was average grocery store Italian not even warmed up. The butter was stick butter served cold and hard. My salad had dressing that lacked any flavor. I assumed my pizza would be gourmet but when served it was a personal size version of what any old average local pizza joint would serve. My husband's steak was served rare when he asked for medium well and the dessert did not match the description on the menu. The only thing I enjoyed about my meal was the wine but that was sort of luck as my server did not seem prepared to recommend any wine in particular. Anyone else disappointed by this place?

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  1. Great business, really? It always seems empty. I didn't care for it when I went. I thought it had potential and was decent in some areas, but not stellar. It seems any place in that area does well, whether its good or not.

    1. I worked in the area and had lunch there many times since it seemed to be a "go to" place for everyone in the office except me. I never had what I considered a good meal there. Salads were stingy on the ingredients and overly salty. Other entrees were mostly nondescript. Service ranged from rushed to nonexistent. The place has the feel of a chain restaurant to me, trying to have something for everyone on the menu but doing nothing well.