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May 23, 2008 09:17 AM

Visiting Seattle and Vancouver

Hello NW Chowhounds -- hoping this isnt too broad a question. Coming to Seattle (from Boston) for a graduation in June and we will have at least a couple days to ourselves. After that we are headed to Vancouver for four or five days. Would love any suggestions you might like to offer for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Seems like you have some cool neighborhoods. What should we not miss?

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  1. I can guarantee you that the ChowHound powers that be will tell you not to talk about Vancouver on this particular board. Try Western Canada's board for Vancouver and, that said, definitely try Vij's/Rangoli's and Tojo's. Your question is likely too broad. You can easily scroll through previous posts and get an idea of what restaurants most people like. Or give people an idea of what kinds of restaurants you like

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      "definitely try Vij's/Rangoli's and Tojo's"\

      So you watched the Anthony Bourdain in Vancouver episode, eh?

    2. I recently asked the same question, and my Vancouver questions were moved, so I started a new thread and have got some outstanding information from these Seattle Hounds : ) Here are the links:

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        To the moderators...

        Perhaps a it is time for a sticky titled "Please Post Questions about Vancouver BC on the Western Canada Board".


        PS goodeater...go here: and we'll be glad to help

      2. The original comment has been removed