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May 23, 2008 08:57 AM

Drinks outside in Lowell???

i really think that Lowell is a place i should get to know a little better so that i can break out of my Portsmouth/Newburyport routine.

looking for a nice place with outside seating and decent beers/drinks in Lowell for Saturday (tomorrow) afternoon. preferably with some sort of a view.

food is secondary although someplace with good pub-grub or a decent burger would be nice.

i saw a few reviews for Cafe Paradiso, anyone have any info on this place?


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  1. That brew pub up there (can't remember the name) has a nice patio (no view). And a good burger.

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    1. re: Joanie

      The Brewery Exchange?

      seems they are closed or closed on the first floor. i can't tell which from their site.

      1. re: ScubaSteve

        The first floor will be opening up as the Lowell Beer Works Supposed to be open soon but I haven't been by lately to see the construction progress.


    2. I have been to Paradiso a few times, but only inside and not since the owner passed away (the sister of the owner was running the lowell location and presumably nothing has changed). They had a few decent wines by the glass, more european beers and full bar. Most of the employees were Brazilian so you could see if they have everything to make a caipirinha which they once made for me. When they opened they experimented with hot food (plate of the day), but changed that later (it was more quiche salad, etc, but I think they have plates). If you ever went to the North End or Harvard Square Paradiso its similar. There also used to be a dominican bar near there which was fun.

      Friend's is a portuguese bar and restaurant which I think has a patio, but that might be more for dining.

      I think the Brewery Exchange is only open upstairs, but that used to have a patio. There is a multi-story restaurant/bar place that I like, but can never remember the name. They have a better selection of beers than Paradiso, but no patio. Update: never mind this was Evo Arts Institute which was sold and is supposed to become Village Smokehouse.

      If you go back to via the Lowell Connector, stop at the Lowell Portuguese bakery (next to Oasis Grill) and there is a Brazilian bakery downtown which does inexpensive steak, beans, rice (better than Oasis, but no booze) which I like.

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      1. re: itaunas

        i found some photos of Paradiso and it looks like that will fit the bill, at least for a first stop.

        1. re: ScubaSteve

          Please report back on the visit! I have been a few times in the last few months, but its been well over a year since I have had the opportunity to just wander around.

      2. Cafe Paradiso is nice, but there's no view. You might want to check out the Doubletree Hilton - I have no idea what they offer as far as hospitality goes, but they are on the water so possibly there's outdoor seating, or at least a view.

        In warmer weather, there is a full outdoor concert schedule (, with tickets in advance or at the gate, convenient parking, and good acoustics thanks to the old brick buildings surrounding the Boardinghouse Park concert stage. There's always a cool breeze from the water, and Cafe Paradiso is a short walk for an after-concert drink. Many people picnic beforehand, and there's a refreshment tent.