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May 23, 2008 08:42 AM

Good Ethnic Food in the District

Hey all,

My dad is visiting from Washington State and where he lives his options for quality ethnic food (without driving a long distance) are limited so when he comes to visit me I have to come up with new restaraunts to try every time. Obviously I don't want to take him somewhere that isn't going to be good so I would love any recommendations. We are looking for something moderately priced, though I am open if it's got killer food. He likes stuff that is more unusal, so probably not italian, french, Chinese, Japanese. I live in the Adams Morgan/Dupont area, and it would be great to stay around there, but I don't mind hopping on the metro either, though please nothing in MD or VA, it's just too far from his hotel and we don't have a car.

Last night we went to Malaysian, I have taken him to Ethiopian and Cuban. I thought about trying Russia House, but have heard mixed reviews though we both love Russian. Going to head out to the burbs for Afghani with my boyfriend on Sunday.

Any ideas? Your help is appreciated!

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  1. How about Lebanese Taverna or Mama Ayesha for middle eastern?

    1. You have several choices for ethnic food, though admittedly some of the best is in the burbs. For example, there is great Korean food in Arlington, but none really in DC. For choices in DC proper -

      Burma Restaurant
      740 6th St. NW

      Rasika (expensive)
      633 D St. NW

      Heritage India
      1337 Connecticut Ave. NW

      3512-14 Connecticut Ave. NW

      480 7th St. NW

      701 9th Street NW

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        I think that Korean restaurant on 18th is good, but I believe everybody that not as great as places in Annandale -- but might still be a perfect choice for the OP, for location as well as interesting "ethnic" food.

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          I think you mean that there is great Korean food in Annandale. Not much, if any, Korean food in Arlington these days.

          There are a few good Vietnamese restaurants in Arlington, within walking distance from the metro. For example, Minh's and Nam Viet are both not far at all from the Clarendon stop.

          2500 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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              Here's a link to Nam Viet.

              Nam Viet Restaurant
              3419 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., washington, dc, DC 20008

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                Is it Pho 75 that's next to Ray's Steaks near the Rosslyn metro?

                But maybe he can already get good Vietnamese and Korean where he is in Washington state....

            2. Do you know:


              You might or might not agree with his reviews, but it should help you put together a list of places to try.

              You can also metro to some good stuff right outside of DC, like for pho, say....

              (I love Mama Ayesha's, and fwiw, I think it's the most beautiful restaurant yet not expensive at all.)

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                You can try some Moroccan in Dupont. Moroccan cuisine is distinct. Try some tangine cooking.

              2. How about Greek? Zorba's in Dupont is cheap and good. El Chalan is good peruvian food in Foggy Bottom. Some people hate on Moby Dick House of kabob, but I think its good. There are at least 2 locations in DC one in Dupont one in Gtown. Cafe Divan is good affordable Turkish in gtown. You also got those Falafel places in Adams morgan (Amsterdam, Old City Cafe, etc).

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                  Based on Elyssa's recommendation, I went with 5 friends to Heritage India in Dupont. We did the Hawker Menu small plates. As there was some confusion in the past, i did want to clarify that the prices on the website was for all day and from 5-7, the hawker menu is half price. you could get out fully stuffed for $10 with that deal.
                  We all ordered two dishes. it semed like a good idea but the items each person got individually that person liked her or his dish so much, no one would share. it was great though