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May 23, 2008 08:24 AM

onion rolls

Are there any bakeries or delis in manhatten that still make or carry onion rolls? They do not seem to be around any more.

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  1. Eli's Manhattan has them under another name -- onion pockets. They're topped with a cluster of poppy seeds. Be sure to call before you go. (Can't vouch for their quality).

    Link -->

    1. lots of old school bakeries in queens still make them and so do some of the grocery stores. ithink I have gotten them at stop and shop in maspbeth

      also tomcat bakery makes a pull apart parkerhouse roll with carmelized almost burnt onions on top and poppy seeds that is a definite takeoff on the old school onion rolls but much better quality. they only sell wholesale so not sure who buys those from them and resells o try cheese of all nations on austin street in forest hills.

      places like sullivan street bakery and amys may also offer a version of these, its worth a try and there are plenty of other fabulous breads and rolls to try like fennel raison at amy's and olive breads and twists.