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May 23, 2008 07:56 AM

Cotton candy in Toronto?

A pregnant friend of mine has a craving for cotton candy. Sugar Mountain doesn't have it (I thought it did). Any suggestions? merci.

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  1. MMM, yummy. Can't say that I have ever seen it in a store before... but you will find it outside the ROM, George (Greek guy) who owns the ice cream truck there will be happy to sell it to you. Plus on a busy day you will also find vendor's carts most likely.

    If all that came out of a pregnancy was friends getting you cotton candy, that it itself would be worth it!! :)

    1. Mm, I looove Cotton Candy.

      There is always the stuff in the blue bags, if you're desperate. It's crappy and not as feathery as the fresh kinds, but it does the job for me when I need my fix. And it's available almost everywhere (Shoppers, Rexall, Dominion's, etc.)

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      1. re: pinkprimp

        i've seen it several times at Costco (queensway location)

        it's sold in yoghurt sized containers....a 6 pack for under 5 bucks i think
        and it tastes just like 'real' non containered cotton candy

      2. There's a candy store in Scarborough Town Centre that might have it. There's also Suckers Candy store on the Danforth.

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        1. re: Sinfulia

          I think I saw some at a Tutti Fruitti .....There are a few of these candy stores dispersed downtown. The one I was at was Bathurst and Bloor.

        2. Every movie theatre in town has blue and pink variety. Not the best but a good fix.

          1. How about getting a mini cotton candy making machine for your friend? I saw them used in cake/dessert contests on the Food Network before. They are sold online.


            I was thinking of buying one for myself because freshly made cotton candy reminds me of my childhood. My mom would take me to this particular department store in Asia where there was a full sized cotton candy machine. I would get up on the stool and spin my own candy 'floss' onto my stick. Great memories! Think I WILL get one!