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May 23, 2008 07:46 AM

Making Your Own Butter

I thought it might be fun to try. Does anyone have a good method? Is it any better than store bought?

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  1. You can make butter very quickly in a food processor. I would chill your cream to 35° in the freezer for about 1 hour to seed butter crystals, and speed the process along.

    To make butter you dump the cream in the food processor and process in 4-5 second pulses until the fat separates, this will usually take a minute or 2 with really cold cream. Strain the butter in a fine sieve, and then mold into a block while squeezing the rest of the buttermilk out, and chill in a airtight container until use. I would suggest that you also keep the buttermilk, but that is optional.

    Adding salt is optional but it prefer the butter to be left sweet for table or baking use. If you have never had fresh butter, the taste will amaze you.

    1. I accidentally made butter once when I overwhipped my cream. It was fun to make butter, but it's not a lot better than storebought. I paid big $$$ for a cube of organic butter at the SF F's market, and it was really bland. Adding salt helped a bit. Nothing beats European butters, IMHO.

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        i did the same thing - was making whipped cream one day, walked away to do the laundry and forgot... we ended up with DELICIOUS vanilla butter though... it was awesome on pancakes!

      2. Get some good cream. Toss in kitchenaid for a while. add salt.

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          I used to make homemade butter with my kids when they were little.

          A couple of clean jars with tight fitting lids. We used Polander Fruit Jam jars, that I had washed and saved. Fill heavy cream half way to the top, tightly seal cover, and shake jar. Even if you leave it on the counter and come back to finish the job, it's fine. Can't remember how long it took exactly, but it not more than 10 minutes I think. Of course, if your cream is at room temp, the cream will turn to butter much faster ; ). The kids loved it. You can tell it's done, when it seperates. Pretty neat.

        2. i also "rinse" the butter, although i don't know how necessary that is. i've heard if you leave any buttermilk behind the butter will go rancid that much quicker, so after the buttermilk separates out, drain it off and add cold water and process some more, draining off the water until it runs clear. of course, make sure it's drained when you store it.

          here's a tip...if you oversalt the butter, you can "rinse" it out using the method above. just process with cold water and it will take the salt away....again, drain away the water.....

          1. It's fun to do in a jar once, but it's not that much better than a good quality butter from the store, and (at least in my area) it doesn't pay...the cream costs more than the butter.