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May 23, 2008 07:40 AM

Paella Pans

Hi all - need some help - I need a birthday present for my girlfriend - and I know she's been looking for a large Paella Pan... In looking thru previous posts, Pasquale Bros has been mentioned as a good place - but they're only open Monday to Friday, and only until 4:30 - with my work, getting there during those hours is almost impossible..I'd rather avoid Williams Sonoma, I'm sure they're super expensive - any suggestions where I could look?

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  1. Any chance of mail order or conning someone into picking one up? They're the go-to for old-school Spanish-made steel pans in various sizes at very reasonable prices. Williams Sonoma is extortionate and carries nothing that utilitarian and cheap.

    1. Got our Spanish made one at at Winners, though it will be hit and miss.

      Try Golda's kitchen, though it is likely to be pricey. Also, and I like their cookware, try the Paderno Factory outlet in Mississauga at Mavis and Britannia. Not sure if they make one, but they might.

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        That Paderno outlet store frequently has genuine deals. Golda's, simply put, sucks. They're MSRP+ on many items, especially kitchen appliances and cookware--never understood the appeal of a place that offered so little in terms of value or expertise.

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          Oddly, I'm thinking clearer on a Monday morning than I was on a Friday morning. Please substitute HomeSense for Winners. (Same ownership though).

        2. I hate to mention the super secret special cookware store again but...

          They have them at Sasmart in Kensington. At least they did 2 months ago, lots of sizes and cheap.


          Progress Town Market Ltd Operating Sasmart Enterprises
          6 Denison Square, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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            Mila you are the absolute best> I picked up a traditional carbon steel pan for a song today. Really appreciate the help on that one.


          2. I would try Nella Cucina, at Bathurst and Bloor, or Tap Phong, on Spadina, south of College

            1. Thanks for the responses, very helpful - Sasmart is right around the corner from me - bought one there this morning... Would have liked to get out to Pasquale Bros - they really should stay open late one night - or open Saturday - tough to get there for a lot of peope otherwise...

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                Yeah, I miss Pasquale Bros. I was a regular until the upped and moved to suburbia. Haven't been since.