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May 23, 2008 07:36 AM

Breakfast/brunch in Boca with mimosas, etc.?


Friends and I are planning a little breakfast/brunch outing and then an afternoon movie @ Mizner Park...does anyone have any ideas for a nice and good place in that area? I was thinking The Breakfast Club, but they do not serve any type of alcoholic beverages...and we were aiming for the mimosas idea!!

Thank you for any suggestions! If you could post here or email me at that would be great.


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  1. how about the Holiday Inn at Highland Beach which is close to Mizner Park and has great views.

    1. While we've never been there for brunch, Carmen's At The Top of the Bridge in the Bridge Hotel is supposed to have a very good Sunday Brunch for $34.95. It includes complimentary Champagne or Mimosa (

      The Sundy House in Delray also has a Sunday brunch that offers "unlimited mimosas" (

      1. You could try Luna Rosa - on A1A, to the south in Deerfield or to the north in Delray. Either spot you are looking at the ocean.

        Another option is to skip Mizner and have your meal, drinks and movie all in once place - upstairs at Muvico! I've actually never had the food there, but seeing a film there is quite the luxurious treat. (It's hard to go back to the "common people's" theatre after living it up in such high style!).

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          lol CFByrne. Now if you valet park at Movico you get the full Boca experience.