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May 23, 2008 07:03 AM

Nola for Three Days....Help Us Find What We Crave:

Two New Yorkers in town for three days....our plan is to do up-scale lunches/brunches and down-home dinners (interspersed with snacks, of course) during our stay. We are BIG fans of local flavor.....the best po' boy or chicken biscuit is preferred over mediocre beurre blanc. While we do have a car with us, we do prefer walking or taking the trolley so we can take advantage of 25 cent martinis and the like.

Our weakest area is on the down-home dinner angle.
So far on the agenda:


Court of Two Sisters
Commander's Palace (curious whether brunch is really worth the $40, or should we hit the lunch special instead)
Other suggestions????

muffuletta...but where? I've heard Central Grocery, but I've also heard from locals that it's gone downhill.
spicy creole....gumbo, jambalaya....but where?
other non-cajun/creole or bar food suggestions (big plus if good music is involved)


Cafe du Monde
oyster shooters

Many thanks in advance for all tips. Can't wait to taste NOLA!!!

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    1. re: JGrey

      Stop 9. 1432 St. Charles Ave. 267-3028
      J'Anita's. 1906 Magazine. 373-5337
      Delmonico. 1300 St. Charles Ave.
      Zea. 1525 St. Charles Ave.
      Mat & Naddie’s. 937 Leonidas. 861-9600
      Cafe Atchafalaya. 901 Louisiana Ave. 891-9626
      La Petite Grocery. 4238 Magazine
      Patois. 6078 Laurel. 895-9441
      Vizard's. 5015 Magazine. 529-9912
      Cochon. 930 Tchoupitoulas. 588-2123
      Bon Ton Cafe. 401 Magazine. 524-3386
      Herbsaint. 701 St. Charles Ave. 524-4114
      Bistro at Maison de Ville. 733 Toulouse. 528-9206
      Irene's Cuisine. 539 St. Philip. 529-8811
      Muriel's. 801 Chartres. 568-1885

    2. I would skip Court of Two Sisters (a tourist trap) and instead go to Bon Ton Cafe for lunch. Best muffaletta is at Just Italy in Metairie (however, you must drive there and they close at 6:00 pm). Napoleon House in the French Quarter has very good gumbo and would be a good dinner place for you. Jacques-Imo's for dinner would be perfect; great down-home food and a good bar to hang out in while waiting for a table.

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      1. re: StBernardGirl

        Had lunch at BonTon Cafe last month. Very good local food (especially the gumbo with crawfish - heck anything with crawfish) and also a good view of local politicos and movers.

      2. Definitely do lunch at Commander's. Try Mandina's for a great down home dinner. And you can also go to EAT in the French Quarter for a BYOB dinner. EAT is on Dauphine and Dumaine. You can easily google the others. I've also heard Herbsaint does a nice upscale lunch.

        I really like your idea of doing the upscale places for lunch. So smart.

        These are all streetcar accessible, although EAT might be an eight block or more walk. Take a cab back home maybe, if it's dark.

        Have fun and don't forget to right a trip review.