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May 23, 2008 07:03 AM

Nola for Three Days....Help Us Find What We Crave:

Two New Yorkers in town for three days....our plan is to do up-scale lunches/brunches and down-home dinners (interspersed with snacks, of course) during our stay. We are BIG fans of local flavor.....the best po' boy or chicken biscuit is preferred over mediocre beurre blanc. While we do have a car with us, we do prefer walking or taking the trolley so we can take advantage of 25 cent martinis and the like.

Our weakest area is on the down-home dinner angle.
So far on the agenda:


Court of Two Sisters
Commander's Palace (curious whether brunch is really worth the $40, or should we hit the lunch special instead)
Other suggestions????

muffuletta...but where? I've heard Central Grocery, but I've also heard from locals that it's gone downhill.
spicy creole....gumbo, jambalaya....but where?
other non-cajun/creole or bar food suggestions (big plus if good music is involved)


Cafe du Monde
oyster shooters

Many thanks in advance for all tips. Can't wait to taste NOLA!!!

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  1. Lunch: Bon Ton (good NOLA food, a tad expensive), N.O. Grocery (get a poboy and walk to the river & eat - don't forget napkins! Spanish Plaza is a nice spot as well as the area by the Harbor Police), Liuzza By The Track (gumbo, shrimp creole), Parasol (poboys), Cochon (tapas), Napoleon House (yeah I like their muffs I said it)

    Dinner: We love LaBoca, MiLa (lunch or dinner) & Rio Mar (lunch or dinner). Commanders is our anniversary place because you know the food and service are going to be perfect. I've never done lunch/brunch there.

    Snacks: Acme (I am told by everyone) has great oysters on the half shell. I've had other menu items and was not impressed at all. Redfish Grill has yummy appetizers which would make for a nice snack.

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      thanks, mrsfury! appreciate the recs. Napolean House is close to our hotel, we'll be sure to check out their muffs. any place with pimms cup is a friend of mine.

    2. Skip Court of Two Sisters...thoroughly mediocre food (lovely setting though). You need to hit some neighborhood restaurants...try Mandina's or Liuzza's by the Track. And you've missed the poboy genre entirely: you need to eat some of our indigneous sandwiches, if you're interested in down-home. Parkway Bakery, Parasol's, Domilese--all will give you a representative sampling of poboys.

      1. Commanders only has 25 cent martinis M-F for lunch. They also have specials so lunch should run less than $40pp. Bacco also has the martini deal. August only does lunch Fri. We've alway had outstanding food there as well as Cuvee.... lunch is only Wed/Thur. 3 courses around $23. No drink specials. Cochon for an all app. lunch. Riomar for tapas. Herbsaint for dinner, an excellent example of La.a cuisine. Bozos in Metairie for THE best oyster po boy. Second Redfish Grill for snacks. Also Mimi's in the Marigny. Stroll down Frenchmen in the evening, good music everywhere. All except Mimi's and Bozos have websites. CP site has an abbreviated lunch menu online. We've done lunch many times and there are more offerings. While we enjoy LaBoca, it's steak. BTW, excellent Gumbo at Herbsaint, Cochon and CP (although CP sets the standard for turtle soup. It's perfect without additional sherry). Oh, forgot Galatoire's. A lively, quintessential experience. Food will be goo rather than outstanding but again, you're going for the boisterous good time. Waiters will put together anything you wish. Try the Swizzle Stick Lounge in the Loew's Hotel. Great cocktails. It is the Cafe Adelaide bar. They offer a nice bar menu. Check their website.