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May 23, 2008 07:00 AM

Last minute 10-12 people tonight

Anywhere in Manhattan (pref south of Midtown) for a last minute dinner with a lot of people. They're shooting for around 7-8 pm so slightly before the big dinner rush.

Anywhere where they would take reservations, or somewhere where they could just show up? I thought of maybe Gaetana's. and maybe maybe maybe en japanese brasserie?

$: cheap to mid-range (in the $20s for entrees?).

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Check - I can't think of anywhere you can show up with that many people and get seated - even on a holiday weekend. You should be able to get in somewhere though since so many people will be leaving town. I tried it for Chelsea, and found Intermezzo (about which I know nothing) so I suspect that searching neighborhood by neighborhood you'll come up with a few possibilities.

    1. Via Emilia and the Smith i feel are pretty casual with seating and should have space.

      1. Villa Mosconi, Macdougal St. sounds like a fit...Old school Italian, plenty of room, fits your price point....Enjoy

        1. Agree that Villa Mosconi would be nice, IF they have the room. Think about Carmine's on 44th (?). If you go at 8, they will be losing all their theater peeps and if you understand the family portion concept, you should be able to stay within your $$ constraints.