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May 23, 2008 03:31 AM

Peter Luger clones

I'm trying to compile a list of the Peter Luger-style steakhouses that have opened in Manhattan in the last decade or so.

Mark Joseph

I'm sure there are more. I've never been to any of these places.

Which one is your favorite?

A semi-related question: my brother and I go to PL every year. This year we might like to try a different venue for excellent dry-aged steaks (can be but doesn't have to be a Luger clone). Though I accept that we won't find *better* meat elsewhere, I might prefer a more comfortable atmosphere, better appetizers/sides and a more serious wine list.....

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    1. re: Sugar

      agree on Ben & Jack's, I'm actually a huge fan of that place. I'm waiting to get struck down on this comment...I think it tastes exactly the same as Luger's, but its in the city and the service is better (mainly alot nicer)

      1. re: Lau

        Well here is strike 1 :). I was underwhelmed by B&J. It looked like PL but sure didn't taste like it...

        1. re: tpigeon

          Take your sentence but replace B&J with Wolfgang's and your experience mimics all of mine.

    2. Two other clones are Ben & Jacks and Benjamin's. Out of all of them, I think Ben and Jacks is the best of the clones. I've never been satisfied at the steaks I've received at Wolfgangs.

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      1. re: ESNY

        I really do like Mark Joseph's a lot and I am a big PL fan.

      2. Forget atmosphere, stick with P Luger.
        Mark Joseph is unacceptable, regardless of what anyone says.
        Never been to Wolfgang's but someone who is almost as staunch a P Luger buff as myself said he was surprised on the upside. Not sure which location though that should not matter. Not sure I would be won over, myself but that is what I have to go on. He was surprised, maybe it really is close enough to warrant consideration.

        Ben and Jack's gets mostly good press here but there is a negative post on this board which I can believe. People tend to favor new spots and I do not believe B&J will blow me out of the water.
        Serious wine list, Sparks. It is underrated, too boring for "foodies" and whatever other reasons. Ah,no porterhouse. Not as consistent as Luger but when it is on it is really good. I would go sirloin rather than filet.
        Strip House might be a consideration but I have never been.
        Keen's, BLT Anything, skip them and the rest of the lesser houses.

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        1. re: foodonlygood

          give B&J's a try before believing the post, I did not have high expectations when I first went there, but I was very happily surprised and I've been back many times since and converted a few other people along the way. Obviously stick to the classic porterhouse and I think their "bacon" is very awesome as well

          1. re: Lau

            Why I like Wolfgang's Tribeca better than Luger's:
            1. Location, location location (sorry for the cliche, but this is the Manhattan board, right?);
            2. Atmosphere. More room, more comfortable.
            3. Food. As good as Luger's, and lately, better. My last few visits to Luger's were a disappointment. The porterhouse just wasn't as good as it used to be.

          2. re: foodonlygood

            Why do you find Marc Joseph's unacceptable? Just curious.

          3. I have gone to Nick & Stephs right under Madison square garden a couple o times and found the steaks and sides to be excellent

            1. Wolfgang's was a big disappointment recently. Medium rare came out well done, appetizer delivered after steak, bill was wrong and so forth. Can't imagine they could do this often and not get a bad rep.

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