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May 22, 2008 11:56 PM

El Meson Closed for Dinner

Sadly El Meson is no longer serving dinners. Lunch only now. Don't yet know why, but I think it's a shame.Their food is excellent and the owner has specifically kept the prices affordable so that lower income patrons are able to eat there with their families. I'll check into this further.

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  1. Do you mean the one on Burleson Road? Haven't they always closed at 2? That seemed to be the norm at least for the past couple of years. But maybe I missed their (brief) return to staying open late?

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    1. re: MPH

      For at least the last two years, they have been closed for dinner.

      1. re: El General

        True, but they haven't been open on a couple visits within their posted Hours of Operation on Saturdays, FYI. I hate to prevent people from going, but be warned if you're arriving within an hour of their opening on a Saturday, you might be SOL.

        1. re: tom in austin

          I have had the same problem with them also being randomly closed during business hours a couple of times.

          1. re: El General

            I recall them opening from 5-8 on fri,sat. though I never went at those times. They tried a Sunday brunch for a while which was very good. I have been there at almost 1:30 on a weekday to see that they closed early.
            However since it's close to home I've been going to Mi Ranchito on the corner of WCannon and Pleasant Valley. It's in a convenience store and has homemade tortillas and some excellent carnitas tacos.