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Father's Office (L.A.) for Sunday brunch or too busy? Where else in Culver City area?

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The times for Father's Office now show it's supposedly open starting at noon on Sundays. Has anyone been there around that time or a little later - is it mobbed?

If it is, where else would be interesting and open in the general neck of the woods (in and around Culver City), but not mobbed?

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  1. Wilson, Ford's, Friache, Beacon, and Akasha are typically the most well known semi-fancy choices. I think Ford's isnt good, and Beacon is Asian fusion, so Akasha, Fraiche would be the best bet for brunch, if they are open.

    Surfas is a gourmet store with a casual cafe that might be good for brunch if open.

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      Surfas opens for brunch at 11 on Sundays, I believe. I go there often and really like their breakfast panini and the panini with scrambled eggs and duck hash.

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        I'd second the recommendation for Akasha. Good fun....attentive service....cool space.

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          Not sure about Wilson's but Akasha, Beacon and Fraiche are not open for Sunday Brunch (Lunch Mon-Fri and, for Beacon, Sat.). If FO is jammed, Surfas is a good back-up.

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            Double Dutch Cafe by the Kirk Douglas Theatre might work too but call first. They are kinda free-spirited folks there and tend to open or close on a whim...

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            Thanks for mentioning Akasha. They're closed Sunday afternoons, but we tried there for dinner last night! Loved a couple things, am posting on that on another thread. :)