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May 22, 2008 10:59 PM

Father's Office (L.A.) for Sunday brunch or too busy? Where else in Culver City area?

The times for Father's Office now show it's supposedly open starting at noon on Sundays. Has anyone been there around that time or a little later - is it mobbed?

If it is, where else would be interesting and open in the general neck of the woods (in and around Culver City), but not mobbed?

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  1. Wilson, Ford's, Friache, Beacon, and Akasha are typically the most well known semi-fancy choices. I think Ford's isnt good, and Beacon is Asian fusion, so Akasha, Fraiche would be the best bet for brunch, if they are open.

    Surfas is a gourmet store with a casual cafe that might be good for brunch if open.

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    1. re: jlrobe

      Surfas opens for brunch at 11 on Sundays, I believe. I go there often and really like their breakfast panini and the panini with scrambled eggs and duck hash.

      1. re: jlrobe

        I'd second the recommendation for Akasha. Good fun....attentive space.

        1. re: jlrobe

          Not sure about Wilson's but Akasha, Beacon and Fraiche are not open for Sunday Brunch (Lunch Mon-Fri and, for Beacon, Sat.). If FO is jammed, Surfas is a good back-up.

          1. re: New Trial

            Double Dutch Cafe by the Kirk Douglas Theatre might work too but call first. They are kinda free-spirited folks there and tend to open or close on a whim...

          2. re: jlrobe

            Thanks for mentioning Akasha. They're closed Sunday afternoons, but we tried there for dinner last night! Loved a couple things, am posting on that on another thread. :)