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Yellowtail Collar

I've had yellowtail collar at my local sushi restaurant and its very good. I have had it at few other places I really did like it at R23. So chowhounds can you recommend a where I might try for so yummy YT collar??

Thanks in advance

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  1. Last place I for sure ordered it was Honda-ya in DTLA, but really any izakaya should have hamachi/yellowtail collar.

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      I don't think saucesupreme got to try it last time a few of us hounds met up for dinner at Bar Hayama, but they definitely have it there.

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        This is my favorite. Much better than what I tried at Hide Sushi, among the dozen or so places that I've tried it.

      2. Hatfield's has a hemp-crusted yellowtail collar on their tasting menu that is a yummy combination of juicy, salty, and creamy.

        1. If you want to drive up to Palos Verdes Black Bamboo usually has it. Call ahead of course.

          Black Bamboo
          724 Yarmouth Rd, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

          1. They are called Hama Kama in Japanese. It is actually a common dish in a lot of Izakaya places. You can actually buy it yourself in Japanese Supermarkets like Mitsuwa (caution: they may not always have it), and broil it at home, a little miso paste, mirin, and ponzu, and you are on your way to a delicious meal.

            I recommend a couple of places:

            Tama Sushi (try calling first)

            11920 Ventura Blvd
            Studio City, CA 91604
            (818) 760-4585

            Izakaya Haru Ulala

            368 E. 2nd St.
            Los Angeles, CA 90012

            1. I'd been meaning to try this for a while, having seen it at various izakayas. We finally tried it at Redondo Beach Sushi at the RB Pier. It was fantastic and the highlight of the meal (if anyone does go here, skip the sushi/sashimi despite the name and go for the cooked seafood).

              We have since purchased it at Marukai and made it at home on the grill and it was fabulous and about a third of the price. You need to salt it a bit ahead of time and let it rest, and then cook it for longer than you'd think for fish. But, boy was it good.

              1. Katsuya in Brentwood -- the yellow-tail collar is the best deal on the menu!
                Takao, also in Brentwood (not to be confused with Taiko, across the street in the retail center with CPK & Daily Grill).

                1. Many places have Salmon Collar / Kama as well as Yellowtail Collar / Hamachi Kama:

                  Honda Ya
                  Shin Sen Gumi
                  Sushi Gen
                  Sushi Go 555

                  1. Azami Sushi on Melrose has Yellowtail collar that is perfection.

                    1. yabu, furaibo and hide sushi all have it.

                      sometimes, if you ask at japanese restaurants, they might have it even if it's not on the menu. i believe place yuu has it as well.

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                        I'm sure that while the sushi chefs are prepping the filets for use on their menu, they're saving the collar for the staff meal!

                      2. I had an awesome yellowtail collar at Mori, though he does not always have it.

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