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May 22, 2008 09:59 PM

Best in Westlake Village or Area for Sat nite dinner?

What is the very best place place to go for dinner on Sat night?

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  1. You might find this prior thread useful in your quest:

    1. Lately we have had some good meals at Mediterraneo.

      1. Actually there are now some nice choices in the WL area.

        As mentioned in the attached thread above, Cafe 14 is a pleasant bistro style place in a rather obscure location. The people are friendly and they seem to take great care in the preparation of their food. They have an enclosed patio which is nice, the table on the inside are too close together for us so we always sit outside.

        Also mentioned was Mediterano. We love going there on the summer evenings and sit out on the patio; we have eaten inside during the winter. The menu is nice and the food is okay, not spectacular but still a nice dining atmosphere, and like I said, we love the patio.

        Zin and Boccassio's are a little more expensive but the tables overlooking the lake are very enjoyable. Food is acceptable but noting outstanding.

        If you're willing to go a few miles up the 101, we went to Holdren's in Newburry Park last week and had a wonderful meal. Not cheap, but great drinks and the food were above average. You need to make reservations for a Sat. night. Next time we will request table #19, it's set aside from the rest of the tables and booths and while you can see the entire restaurant it almost feels like private dining!

        We used to go to Mandlevilla all the time when we first moved here. The last couple of times the food was rather uninspiring and bland. It's been replaced by Mediterano.

        In Agoura Hills a nice but also more pricey option is Chapter 8. We much prefered it to P6 (same owners). Found it more comfortable and the food much better.

        Pookies is closed right now due to a small kitchen fire. Should re-open in June.
        On a warm summer evening you can't beat sitting outside by the water and dine while watching the ducks! Really enjoyable, and the food's pretty good too (not Thai Town good, but hey, it's Westlake!).

        Wherever you end up, report back!!

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          Just a brief update on the opening date for Pookies Thai in Westlake Village; I was by there today and a large sign in the window indicated that their opening target date would be July.
          It seems like they are trying to keep everyone informed. If anyone wishes further information, you can always check with the sushi bar just around the corner in the same center; Pookie is often there.

        2. Some of the places mentioned in this post and the previous thread are ok, but I think Mastro's is the nicest restaurant in the Conejo Valley. It's a bit pricey, but the quality of the food, the excellent service and the atmosphere make it heads and shoulders above the rest. BTW it's a steak house...

          1. We like Padri's in Agoura Hills. Great Northern Italian food and a good martini bar.
            Patio seating is nice.