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May 22, 2008 09:51 PM

Cafe Tu-O-Tu--Anyone Been?

Has anyone been to this cafe on the border of Georgetown...thoughts? How are their salads?

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  1. Salads are very good. They have a rotating selection daily. The place is very small. Nice little courtyard in back. They also have good Pannini's. I particularly like the Mediterranean salad and I think it runs around $7.50 (it is not huge but enough for me, but for a big eater it may not be). Note: Ask for dressings on the side. They tend to have a heavy hand.

    1. HUGE FAN! I love tu-o-tu pannini's. I used to work fairly close by and I honestly never had anything but a delicious lunch from there. I think I ordered the angelique and added roasted red peppers??? it was a while ago. enjoy!