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May 22, 2008 09:29 PM

tastiest, prettiest, most affordable cake in Boston?

Looking for the best cake I can buy on a budget...for MY OWN birthday. I haven't been to that many great bakeries in Boston or the suburbs, for that matter, and would like to know if anyone has had a phenomenal tasting, eye-appealing cake, for a DEAL, in/or around Boston? Any undiscovered bakeries?

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  1. For an affordable, delicious and pretty cake, I would recommend Spinelli's which is both in East Boston and Lynnfield. Their website is I can particularly recommend their rum cake and their strawberry shortcake (whipped cream and strawberry filling topped with chocolate dipped strawberries). They do have other flavors which I have not tried. Our group of former coworkers get together every couple of months and there is always a birthday to celebrate. We all worked together in the food industry so everyone has tasted many cakes. These cakes are the favorite and very reasonable.

    1. Donna's Cakes in West Roxbury is WONDERFUL and their cakes are very affordable.

      1. Allstonian's birthday was earlier this week, and at her request, her cake was a strawberry whipped cream cake from Antoine's Bakery on Watertown Street in Nonantum. The cake itself was very good, nowhere near as spongy as it is from many bakeries, and the real whipped cream and ripe strawberries were equally fine, and they decorated it quite nicely. Total cost, for a cake large enough that we ate it for three days and still ended up throwing some out: $26.

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          this sounds a little like one of my favorite cakes from the little italian bakery, now gone, that was across the street from Mayflower Poultry on Cambridge Street. An absoluted flawless sponge cake with strawberries and cream. Am going to give Antoine's a try. Thanks

        2. That sounds incredible! They also have a delicious yellow cake/strawberry/whipped cream creation at Japonaise, but it might be overpriced.

          I just asked this in the "Pastry outrage" thread, so let's see if anyone has had any experience with the cakes at Bazaar on Beacon in Brookline. They are SPECTACULAR
          looking, but I don't know if they taste good or how much they cost. I see Russian families buying them all the time, so Bazaar might be a real sleeper.

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            Beware: Russian/Eastern European sweets are often very heavy on the sugar/honey and things like whipped cream. Make sure you're going for that if you get something from Bazaar!

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              Good advice, thanks. Wish I could buy just a single slice to see....

          2. My vote goes to Keltic Krust in Watertown. They made my wedding cake and recent birthday cake. Most delicate, moist, lovely cakes I've ever had, and they looked great, too.

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              I second Keltic Crust... LOVE the strawberry cake. Donna's in WRox is also very good. My friend just got her daughter a "Duff" style cake from Wild Flour Cake Co. - it was amazing.