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May 22, 2008 09:15 PM

Best corned beef sandwich and matzoh ball soup in Scottsdale area.

Chicago hound currently in Scottsdale for 3 days and have a craving for great corned beef sandwich and matzoh ball soup. I've seen Goldman"s Deli, Kashman's Place, and Miracle Mile mentioned on the web, and am looking for the best spot. Any recommendations?

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  1. You will find nothing comparable to what you have in Chicago, or Nate and Al's - my favorite - in Los Angeles.

    HOWEVER - Goldman's is good Jewish food with a real Chicago home-style flavor. (The best Gefilte fish in the world. Ever. Also the best chopped liver and kreplach.)

    Miracle Mile is good, although I have found it greasy.

    You will inevitably hear about Chompie's - which isn't bad at all and can sometimes be quite good - but it's inconsistent. But if you want hot corned beef then it might be a better bet than Goldman's, which is best for a simple cold corned beef on rye and a bowl of soup.

    1. I believe the correct response here is Scott's Generations.

      Scott's Generations Restaurant
      5539 N 7th St # 108, Phoenix, AZ

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        If you are limiting your geographic area to scottsdale...I put my vote in for Goldman's on Hayden and Indian Bend. I find the Chicken Soup at Chompies to have a bit of a sour taste.
        The Matzo balls @ Goldmans....rock!
        The corned beef @ Chompies is great...I like my corned beef a little on the fatty side... they usually slice lean.
        They do have a fattier cut available.... Tell them your preference!

        Chompies has added a new location @ the PV Mall.

        Chompie's NY Kosher Style
        9301 E Shea Blvd Ste 109, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

        Goldmans Best Cooking
        6929 N Hayden Rd # C2, Scottsdale, AZ

        Chompie's Ny Kosher Style Deli
        1160 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

        1. re: ciaogal

          Thanks for the recommendations. Just returned from lunch at Goldmans and thought the cabbage soup and matzoh ball soup was as good as any deli in Chicago, New York, or L.A., and I've been to all the great ones. The corned beef sandwich and knish were average at best, and a little on the small side.This is a great soup place, but will check out Scott's, Chompies, or Miracle Mile the next time I'm in town for corned beef.

        2. re: azhotdish

          Good call on that, but I was under the impression they were seeking something in Scottsdale. I haven't been to Scott's in a long time, but I remember their food being great...especially their smoked fish selection.

        3. if you want the real deal, Katz's from New York will ship...order it in a whole brisket and slice it yourself.

          1. I know we're not suppose to do this on CH, but why would you be looking for good deli food on a short trip to AZ? You live in the place with some of the best in the US. I'd look for the local food that they excel in--such as regional Mexican, etc.

            When in Rome...

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            1. re: The Old Man

              When you have a craving, you have a craving. In addition, there are at least a dozen great Mexican restaurants in Chicago that I frequent often, and I haven't found the regional Mexican in Phoenix to be any better than what I can get in Chicago. Can you recommend any regional Mexican spots that will blow my socks off. I'll be in Phoenix thru Monday and would love to check them out.