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Your best Margarita recipe.....?

I just cant seem to make a good margarita....do I use a mix, fresh lime juice, combination...? How do you all make great margaritas??

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  1. doesn't get much easier.

    2 oz 100% agave blanco tequilla
    1 oz cointreau (not cheap triple sec)
    3/4 oz FRESH lime juice.

    Shake, strain over rocks or up if you prefer.

    The two biggest things to remember is use fresh lime, none of the bottled lime juice or even worse sour mix. And use cointreau. The generic triple sec you see in the stores is all artificial flavor and rotgut booze.

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      This one was won awards. I love it and so does everyone else!

      For the rim salt, I mix 50% kosher salt and 50% sugar.
      - 1.75 oz 100% agave blanco tequilla (I use Patron as I can find it anywhere) (Or Anejo or Reposado)
      - 1 oz triple sec (can use cointreau but I feel it makes the drink too strong!) You can also replace the 1 oz triple sec with 1 oz of blue curacao. Makes it very pretty!
      - 1/2 medium lime fresh squized
      - 4 oz sweet and sour mix (Find one that has REAL lemon juice in it! This is key!)

      - Mix with 1 to 2 ice cubs (anymore and it will dilute the drink). Enjoy!

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        Thank You, fafner....Tequilla, lime juice, and cointreau. That's it. Anything else is nonsense

        1. Oh god, please, if you're going to make the margarita yourself, for yourself and drink it yourself, please use fresh lime juice. Splurge on the best tequila you can afford (I like Patron and Herradura and am trying Hornitos now). Triple sec will work since you won't use much, but Cointreau is an excellent choice too. But please use real limes and a few spoonfuls of sugar if necessary. Repeat, if necessary. I don't bother with the salt rim, but if guests insist I use kosher salt. Here's my recipe:

          2 oz tequila
          1 oz triple sec
          1 oz lime juice
          1 tsp sugar (optional)
          shake, serve over rocks in a highball glass.

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            make the above with Grand Manier and you have a great marg. Please use the real juice...I have seen a touch of pineapple and even some apple juice in place of the sugar

          2. For two people:

            3 shots tequilla
            1 shot cointreau
            1 shot grand marnier
            squeeze a 1/2 of a fresh lime (or more)
            squeeze 1/4 of a fresh orange.
            Shake with ice and serve straight up.

            Simply amazing.

            1. The recommendations for fresh limes are all on the right track, but they don't go far enough. The type of lime is important. You have to use sweet limes (aka Key limes, Mexican limes, etc). The limes you typically get at the supermarket are Persian limes., which just can't make a good margarita. Sweet limes are smaller, seedier, and (duh) sweeter. But you can't just make up the difference with sugar; the flavor is fundamentally different.

              My recipe: vigorously shake equal parts pure agave tequila (blanco or reposado), lime juice, and Controy (the Mexican ripoff of Cointreau). Serve up or on the rocks. Salted rim optional.

              1. I don't mean to repeat what everyone else has already said, but the this is a subject dear to my heart.

                For the love of all things holy, don't use artificial crap to make a margarita! They have an unfair rap because of libelous Cuervo campaigns and frat parties.

                The recipe really depends on taste. What doesn't is the objective necessity of using real limes and 100% agave tequila. I strongly prefer cointreau or grand marnier over triple sec, but I think that is less important than the juice and tequila. The quality of the limes is important also. My drinks got way better when I started using a mix of sweet and regular limes. A little fresh orange is good too. If you can find them you probably won't have to add any sugar, either.

                Premade mix is basically corn syrup, citric acid, and coloring. Do yourself a favor and stay away from that and fake tequila. Costco has big bottles of Cazadores for $30, so there is no excuse!

                1. It makes about 6-8 glasses depending on you your pour.

                  2 Cups tequila - quality, 100% agave (I used 1 cup herradura blanco and 1 cup don alejo reposado

                  1 cup fresh lime juice

                  1 cup Cointreau

                  1/4 cup simple syrup

                  1/4 cup fresh OJ (no pulp)

                  Fill halfway in a blender with ice and blend quickly- you want the ice broken down, but not blended completely.

                  Finish with a squeeze of fresh lime and serve.

                  1. this is a little more involved than the others above, but it makes fantastic margaritas. i've been making these for years, and everyone that has one raves & is an instant convert to this recipe. recipe is from cook's, but i make it from memory, so may not be exact...

                    1/2 cup fresh-squeezed lime juice & a heavy tablespoon of zest
                    1/2 cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice & a heavy tablespoon of zest
                    1/4 cup superfine sugar
                    pinch of salt
                    1 cup reposada 100 percent agave tequila (i generally use sauza)
                    1 cup triple sec

                    combine the juices, zests & salt. allow to steep in frig at least 4 hrs, up to overnight (i find 6-8 hrs to be the best). strain. combine with liquors & serve over ice.

                    1. Try this, I guarantee you'll like it:

                      2 shots 100% agave blanco
                      1 shot Cointreau
                      1 shot good limeade - i.e. Newman's Own or Odwalla
                      juice of one lime (or 1/2 lime if you need to conserve - save the other half for the next)

                      Place in large glass, then pour into a smaller glass over ice.

                      1. Ok I think I have mastered the Margarita
                        3 oz 100% Agave Tequila (I use Hornito's Reposada)
                        3/4 oz Grand Marnier
                        1 Lime
                        1 Tablespoon Agave sweetner
                        Glass filled with ice cubes not crushed
                        Combination of Kosher salt and sugar on the rim.
                        If you like it hit me up at vantickler@shaw.ca
                        I worked on this recipe for a long time. Wet the rim with the lime that you squeezed before dipping in the salt and make sure you get the agave sweetner, it makes the drink

                        1. People! I just had the best, smoothest Margarita of my life at Espleador Resort in Rio Rico, AZ. Because it tasted so good, and didn't smell like a bathroom cleaner or cause cold sores from being over citric, I had to ask them what their mix was. They told me it is a secret recipe, made daily by boiling apples, oranges and limes with agave nectar. OMG was this the best Margarita I have ever had! Ok, so I had more than one. I have searched high and low and no luck finding a recipe that calls for boiling fruit. Anybody heard of such a thing? It was so freekin good, I have to find out how to duplicate!

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                            Sounds like a tasty cocktail, but it's not a margarita.

                          2. I've been making some variation of this recipe for almost 30 years. It's potent and it's good.

                            3 oz of a mid-range Tequila Blanco, my go-tos are El Jimador or Cazadores
                            1 oz freshly squeezed Key Lime Juice
                            1 oz Citrónge*
                            A bit of Agave nectar if the limes are particularly acidic

                            Everything into a cocktail shaker, shake, taste, adjust as needed, then into a double old fashioned glass over rocks. When the balance is right, this drink is a killer. Using fresh key limes is important and they're also the biggest variable. My 92 y.o. mother drinks one of these ever Saturday and Sunday and she'd probably drink one everyone day if I'd make it for her ;-)

                            * Controy is the orange component of choice in Mexico in a Margarita, but Controy can be exceedingly hard to find in the U.S. Citrónge by Patron solves that dilemma as it *is* Controy. Citrónge is less expensive than Cointreau and certainly Grand Marnier. Doesn't exactly smell promising, but really rounds out the rough edges of the lime and helps, I think, to balance the drink out.

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                              Correction, that should be 1 1/2 oz Citrónge and 1 1/2 oz Key lime juice, not 1 oz.