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May 22, 2008 08:10 PM

Any suggestions for amazing Dim Sum in Chinatown???

Hey everyone, I'm taking my first trip to New York's Chinatown this Saturday. I live in Philadelphia and absolutely love Dim Sum but our best Dim Sum restaurant, Lakeside Chinese Deli, closed this year. I hear that New York is the best for Dim Sum! Any suggestions???

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  1. well if ure looking for amazing dim sum then you're out of luck b/c it doesnt exist here even in flushing. in manhattan ctown i generally like dim sum go go (its not cart, its order off the menu, which i much prefer as its fresher and generally the way things are moving in asia anyhow). two other places that maybe worth trying are chatham sq restaurant (6 chatham, there are two chatham restaurants) and there are some people saying that sunrise 27 is good as well, that said i havent eaten at either of them. id stay away from jing fong, oriental garden, golden unicorn, harmony palace, hsf, golden bridge as i think they are all low quality dim sum although many people on this board like them, i think they are kind of a throw back with fairly old school dim sum on carts, which im not opposed to at all, but i think the quality of the food is low especially if you've ever had great dim sum

    1. Grand Harmony on Mott just off of Canal is pretty solid.

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