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May 22, 2008 07:05 PM


What are you topping yours with?

Tonight I made some killer tostadas de Tinga. Shredded chicken in a brothy roasted tomato based sauce redolent of chipotle and topped with crumbled fried chorizo, cotija, minced cilantro, green cebollitas, cut avocado and shaved radishes.

La Costena's great pintos made the base.

I have heard of Pickled pork feet tostadas - thats the first thing I want to try in GDL in a couple weeks.

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  1. We had tostadas tonight also. Base was refried black beans, Oaxaca cheese, pollo al pastor with sauteed red onions and red bell peppers, guacamole and salsa. The salsa came with the chicken. Finely chopped onions and manzano chiles in fresh orange juice.

    Tomorrow at La Guera, DH will have a ceviche tostada before his shrimp cocktail.

    Sometimes I get carnitas at a little stand nearby. I like a crispy flour tortilla with peruana refritos, carnitas, a spicy cabbage slaw and sliced avocados.

    1. Next time you are in Ensenada there is a place on av. Ruiz called La Comadre that has some hoof (Pata) tostadas to die for .

      1. those all sound delicious. our favorite application is based on some we've had at a loncheria on isla mujeres, quintana roo, mexico.

        fresh fried corn tortilla
        slathered with sour cream
        topped with sliced avocado,
        shredded roasted (or boiled) chicken,
        shredded lettuce,
        thinly sliced tomato,
        crumbled cotija cheese,
        and pickled red onions.


        1. Every two months or so we have Tostadas for lunch for an entire week...

          > Start with Thin Tostadas Nortenas
          > Slather on mashed White Beans with Asiento
          > Layer of Nopalitos a la Mexicana
          > Then a thin slice of Queso Fresco
          > Spoonful of Avocado-Piquin Salsa
          > Sprinkling of crumbled chicharron
          > Finished with finely grated Cotija

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            My go-to tostada toppers are from a recipe called Tostada compuestas I found a million years ago in a Mexican cookbook which I photocopied and stuck on a recipe card (kickin' it old school):

            mashed red kidney beans
            shredded lettuce (head works best)
            freshly cooked diced potatos tossed in a bit of oil and vinegar
            shredded cooked chicken breast
            sliced avocado (the original recipe suggests guacamole
            salsa (I added this as I like a fresh red one here)
            chopped cilantro (another addition, I'll admit I am addicted)
            freshly grated Parmesan

            Put everything out in bowls with a goodly stack of tostadas and let everyone apply toppings as they see fit. Generally, though, you start with a layer of the beans, end with the cheese.