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May 22, 2008 06:51 PM

Little Moir's Leftovers Cafe in Jupiter/Abacoa

This is the brand new place from Jupiter's Food Shack owner Mike Moir. It's located in Abacoa's Bermudiana Place on the north east corner of Military and University. Inside is the same old long and narrow strip mall setup with the open kitchen in the middle. The positive is that this location is brand new inside.

All of the same fare is on the menu as the Food Shack. Panko fried oysters and tuna basil rolls are excellent. Tom Yum soup is definitely forgetable. The main's are pretty much the same as well with different styles of fish served over vegetables and salads. Fresh fish is the highlight and Moir's has never let me down.

I believe the intention was to have an "order at the front and then take a table" to get your food, but that concept doesn't seem like it would work. Tables have numbers on them and there is an obvious order window with a takeout wndow. There were a lot of busy waiters and staff on hand, as with the original

Expect all of the same as you would find at the Food Shack except in a brand new strip mall location with maybe 1/3 more space. There must be about 20 seats at the bar right in front of the kitchen. Another positive is this place has better ventilation, but you will leave smelling of fried food. Same great food served in a very casual setting and the crowds have already started up. If you know the Food Shack then you know this place. It's definitely going to be a favorite of mine

See bottom of page for brief info on Leftovers Cafe:

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  1. If you have not been to this Jupiter restaurant and you live within 20 miles, you need to make a trip. I've eaten here at least 15 times and it is excellent. The fish is always the freshest possible and always cooked perfectly.

    Order off of the printed daily menu and you won't go wrong with their fresh fish selections. Most all fresh fish is served on a bed of greens and usually fruit. Lunch entrees of fresh fish run $11 to $14 and dinner entrees of fresh fish run $22 to $25. Order an app to be shared and you will be stuffed. Panko fried oysters or coconut/almond crusted shrimp are great starters. Get the tripletail or hog snapper when available.

    This is easily my favorite restaurant in the Palm Beach area. It's a friendly, casual, and mid priced resto serving creative type seafood dishes that will make you want to come back for more. No matter how crowded it gets, there's always plenty of staff on hand to take care of you.

    Moirs Leftovers
    451 University Blvd, Jupiter, FL

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      Been there a few times for lunch and I agree -- it is fantastic -- and I live in Boynton Beach. Well worth the trip.