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May 22, 2008 06:23 PM

Anniversary dinner w/ great view/atmosphere

We are planning on celebrating our wedding anniversary in a couple weeks and I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant with a wonderful view/atmosphere in or north of Boston. We have had drinks and brunch at Top of the Hub (great view!) and have also eaten at The Black Cow (Newburyport). Last year we had a fantastic (but pricey) dinner at MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit. Also love the view at My Place by the Sea (Rockport). We enjoy fresh ingredients and mostly vegetarian or seafood options. We prefer a quieter place over a "scene". We also like to try a new place each time. This is my first time posting - I'd appreciate any suggestions for special occasion dining. Thanks!

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  1. Ever try the Lighthouse in Newburyport? Very quaint and personal OH, and excellent.

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      Meritage at the Boston Harbor Hotel has a nice waterview, bar bites & small plate options as well w/a sleek, airy ambiance & eclectic menu options:

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        That was my thought. You might also look at the Dante menu. Nice view of the river and they've got an outdoor deck.

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            Dante/Sonest is on the Charles River.

    2. My suggestion has no view. It is actually in an old warehouse in the Leather District but it is a fabulous special occasion restaurant. You may want to try O Ya, but understand that it may be one of the most expensive meals you've ever eaten. The food is truly beautiful. Artfully presented and satisfying.

      1. How about Cape Cod? Have a great meal & then spend the night in a cozy B&B. Seafood, views, atmosphere ( in the off season, before the 4th of July ). A couple of Provincetown choices, which will include all of your wishes: The Mews has it all. A little more funky, but also great views AND food: Lobster Pot. A third P'town option does not come with a water view, but may offer the best food & service: Chester. If you don't want to venture as far as P'town, I would suggest Phusion in Woods Hole - right on the water and very interesting food. Lastly, two of the best restaurants on The Cape: Abbicci in Yarmouthport and Chillingsworth in Brewster. Both offer exceptional food & service, but alas, neither is on the water.

        If you insist on staying north of Boston, and have already ventured as far as Ogunquit, head a bit further north to Kennebunkport and have the dinner of your life at The White Barn.

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          I second Abbicci. I have had two amazing meals there with my Wife. Service, atmosphere and food were all amazing. In fact, we hope to make it back there next month!

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            Thank you for all the suggestions which I will hang onto for future reference. I'm not sure about the Cape for this year (it would have to be a day trip - which may be a possibility). The Boston ideas sound good as well. Is there enough of a menu at Meritage? The website didn't show much, but maybe they offer more when you're there. I had forgotten about the Royal Sonesta - that may be the best choice.

            The lighthouse in Newburyport sounds fab - a bit pricey for us at this point. It's a great idea.

            The Trout, it's funny you mentioned the Mews in P-town. We did have a wonderful dining experience there many years ago (20?)

            Is the White Barn worth the $$? I've never been, but have heard about it for years...

            The O Ya website alone is beautiful!

            I'll let you know where we end up. Thanks again!

            1. re: fotocoq

              Is the White Barn worth the $$$ - in a word "YES". We like to go for dinner and an overnight after Thanksgiving & before Christmas. Truly a magical experience. Great atmosphere, wonderful food and service which is the best !

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                I haven't been to Meritage in a while but there were always many choices before, and they had that small/large option which gave you a chance to try a lot of things. Dante has great pasta but I remember laughing at the small size that came for quite a bit of money.

            2. re: TheTrout

              I'm almost certain Chester is closed.

              1. re: PJ Mac BJ

                We haven't been to P'town yet this year. Their website is still up and running......

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                  Chester is indeed closed. I've just returned from a week of eating in Ptown and Devon's is by far the best for dinner and brunch (lobster cake was amazing, salads are incredibly fresh and perfectly dressed, and brunches include the best eggs benedict, pancakes, and scrambles -- particularly the brie/porcini that you can fine), Front Street has some amazing specials (Kobe Beef Slider apps, asparagus/tuna tartare/tempura app, and an amazing scallop entre), Ross's is still reliable, Mews was less than reliable (I had a tuna dish that was less than appealing), and the Lobster Pot is what it is...(although, I do recommend the Pot's lobster panini...and the bartender has returned from some wine studying and is just a really great guy and server...) And, we were surprised by a pleasant and tasty meal at Lorraine's after years of avoiding it for it reputation of uneven food and service!

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                Chester WAS the best, but it's been closed for a couple of summers now.

              3. I am a huge fan of Locke-Ober in the heart of Boston..even if it's just for drinks..
                White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport is probably one of the most romantic places ever and the inn is lovely to stay and I can't think of a better place to celebrate your wedding is pricey but well worth it..


                1. Although not a water view...the outside seats at Oleana are indeed amazing...and you will have plenty of seafood and vegetarian options -- and if the shrimp special app is on the menu -- order it!