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Toronto Vegetarian going to a Cubs game--what to eat at Wrigley??

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Going to 2 Cubs games during my 4 day visit in June. Will there be anything at Wrigley field for me to eat? I'm a Vegetarian who eats cheese/dairy but not fish, and am good eating any delicious junk food...looking forward to it!

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  1. the best i've found is connie's pizza- they have cheese, and its not so bad. there's also good fries, both which fit "delicious junk food" i've also seen a greek salad at some stands, but i've not yet been brave enough to try that at wrigley. :)
    If you really want good food, you're better off eating before the game- search wrigleyville restaurants.

    1. What's a Cubs game without nachos???
      Although, that orange substance might be better labeled "salty goo" than cheese.

      1. Then, of course, there are yer hot roasted peanuts! Get yer peanuts here!

        1. Better sit out in the bleachers that way you might be able nibble on the ivy!! Its just not a proper game if you don't have the low quality hot dogs or brats on stale buns with hours long outdoor exposed condiments...

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            mmmm...free ivy will go well with beer. I think we are sitting there-- thanks for the tip!

          2. I suggest Goose Island before before the game.

            1. You should definately try the cheese fries at Clark Street Dog. Just a few minutes walk south on Clark Street from the Stadium. It's not much to look at but it's gooey-gooey good cheese-wiz style cheese to the point where you can't even see the fries underneath.

              1. There are veggie burgers at the park. I can't remember which stand carries them but they are quite good! You have to walk around a bit to find them!

                1. You can bring food into the park. No bottles or cans, but food is OK. As someone else noted, a few stands have veggie burgers. But there's plenty of junk food there, fries and ice cream and stuff, to last you for three hours.

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                    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! Looking forward to my veggie burger, pizza, nachos and post-game cheez fries! And I like the fact that I can bring in food too...
                    So the plan is 2 days of Cubs food, then Blackbird on my birthday night (then maybe Fontera Grill on the last night). Sounds good to me!

                  2. Raw Bar
                    3720 N. Clark St.
                    Chicago, IL 60613

                    Great middle eastern eats and creative drinks!! Plenty of Vegetarian choices. Not your typical Wrigleyville joint. Bonus piano bar in the adjoining room.

                    PS Bangkok
                    3345 N. Clark St.
                    Chicago, IL 60657
                    20% off your tab if you show Sue your tickets! Very decent Thai food. Huge menu with lots of vegetarian options.