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May 22, 2008 06:02 PM

Carlos's Cuban in Tallahassee

What's the charm? Bring back Garcia's!!! Lunch today for three, with no apps, diet Pepsis, no desserts, no coffee. $40. One was a sub-par Cuban sandwich with tasteless black bean soup; one was picadillo and mine was roasted chicken with rice. The chicken dish was one back, yes a piece of back, cooked to a fare thee well, about a tablespoon of chopped garlic on it, on some mediocre yellow rice and decent maduros. And this at something north of $11. Not impressed, not in the least.

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  1. I haven't been impressed with Carlos the last couple of times we ate there. We enjoy the Black Bean for Cuban over Carlos or the new place out on Mahan. Always consisent. Plantains are excellent. Albeit, BBC has poor beer selection, IMO. And the flan is small for the $ and might even be not be made on premises. Peppers has a decent flan.

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      Not familiar with either of these...where are they and what is name of place on Mahan?

      1. re: steakman55

        The Black Bean is on Appalachee Pkwy just west of Blair Stone,
        The newer spot (name escapes me) is on Mahan just east of Capital Circle SE.

    2. I remember eating at CCC about five years ago and being throughly unimpressed and feeling over charged. Glad I live in Miami and have a plethora of options. Tally needs a cheap Cuban run spot.