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May 22, 2008 05:40 PM

Disneyland Area dining....

Hi, am dreaming of 3 days in disney... 3 kids 13, 10 and 3
then reality kicks in....
where is good and non Disney to escape to?
There are 2 buffets in Garden Grove, Int'l Buffet and World Buffet
are they worth going to?
I love Thai but am the only one who does as have seen 1 place mentioned alot here in the OC area.
Guess we will try the cheap and cheerful places near the hotel (Doubletree on harbor)
if anyone has any recs many thanks.

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  1. Cheap and cheerful on Harbor in the summer season is few and far between.

    Skip the buffets, for God's sake skip the buffets, ugh.

    Carolina's Italian would be fun (and you can have their ridiculously generous glass of wine). Usually I like Marri's (which is right by Disneyland on Katella and Walnut) better for food but I think Carolina's is kid-friendlier, and they'll give you spumoni after dinner for free.

    A great place to go with kids, if you want pizza, is Pepperoni's on State College and South Streets in Anaheim. It's got some arcade games, a bunch of TVs, it's peppy and lively and the pizza's not bad (though if I just want pizza and not the scene, I like Luigi's across the street better).

    There's a really good -- and surprisingly cheap -- Mexican seafood place called Mariscos Los Mochis about a block further up State College, near the intersection of Santa Ana St. Some nights they have a surprisingly good mariachi.

    Your kids might enjoy wandering around the Block at Orange, which is on The City Drive between Chapman Avenue and the 22 freeway -- it's an outdoor shopping centre with a bunch of restaurants in it. We like Market Broiler now and then for fish...

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      I suggest Jagerhaus German restaurant, which has excellent food but is kid-friendly. Try the game dishes, schnitzel, and sausage plate. I took a German scholar there and he was surprised by how good it was.

      2525 East Ball Road, Anaheim