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Best LA Restaurant you can wear Shorts to?

My out-of-town guests neglected to bring pants. Where can we go that's nice, tasty, and will let us in dressed very casually?

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  1. Why not go to one of the great Thai restaurants like Jitlada? The meal will be stellar, the cost will be nominal and they won't care even one wit what your friends are wearing.

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      jitlada's southern thai menu is so great, ii guess that's where i'd go in shorts. jitlada is a triumph of the internet.

    2. Monte Alban in West LA. Father's Office.

      But I'm with jesstifer - tell them to buy pants.

      1. If you're in the Santa Monica/Venice area, try 3 Square Bakery & Cafe.

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          I second the vote for 3 Square Bakery and Cafe - it's totally casual with great food.

        2. I've never felt out of place wearing shorts anywhere. I felt a little self-conscious at Craft with all the Armani, but honestly, there's no dress code anywhere. (And I'd be wary of any place that did have one.)

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            Indeed. It might be better to ask "What restaurants can I not wear shorts to?"

            I can probably think of a handful, and those are hotel-restaurants.

          2. Long reign Men in Shorts! Long pants are for weddings and funerals...

            - Just about any Chinese restaurant in SGV. In fact, most Asian and Mexican restaurants. Come to think of it, most other ethnic places as well.

            - Everywhere on Abbot Kinney except Joe's.

            - Chinois on Main, but that was 10 years ago...

            This is LA - it ain't Connecticut... loosen up and enjoy...

            1. There are restaurants in LA with dress codes - lol. Attitude is everythig - there are far fewer places you could not go in shorts to be honest.

              1. Hmm.....the weather has changed...buy them some LONG pants. Can't imagine just shorts, male or female, to be honest.

                1. Any of the restaurants on Sawtelle--ranging from Furaibo to Orris or even 2117. Sushi restaurants definitely. Tama in Studio City is excellent. Overall, can wear shorts to almost any Valley restaurant (except Max or Pinot Bistro). Musha in Santa Monica is casual & great for out-of-towners. Most Main St Santa Monica restaurants are casual. Korean b-bbcue. In short, any of the ethnic restaurants for the most part and most of the more casual Italians (particularly in beach areas). Just stay away from country club restaurants (not where you want to be for food anyway), formal hotel dining rooms, & the more expensive, upscale formal places (e.g. steakhouses, French restaurants, places in the category of Michaels, Josie's, Ortolon, etc.)

                  1. I wonder if anyone's tried going to any of Mario "Mr. Shorts & Orange Clogs" Batali's restaurants in shorts? :) Pizzeria Mozza seems like it could be OK, but Osteria Mozza and B&B? Not sure... :)

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                      I've gone to both the Pizzeria and Osteria in shorts and it was fine. As long as you are well-groomed and without a sloppy demeanor I think it's fine. For the Osteria I think it's okay on weekdays. Not sure how I would feel in shorts on a Saturday night.

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                        I'll second Mozza. I was told specifically on the phone..."This is Batali's place, of course shorts are OK". I've been in shorts several times, and had damn fine food every visit.

                    2. Clearman N' Steins

                      This is probably a place that you can fit in where most of the patrons are wearing shorts while the waiter is in his black bow tie.

                      Clearman's Steak 'n Stein
                      9545 Whittier Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660

                      1. Ivy At the Shore

                        (and most other places too)