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May 22, 2008 04:40 PM

What's to eat in Ste. Gen. MO?

Anyone know of a good restaurant or two in Ste. Gen? Thanks!

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  1. I grew up very near Ste. Genevieve and now live in St. Louis so I can definitely appreciate the vast difference in food options that moving to the big city has brought. It's more down on the farm when it comes to cooking in Ste. Genevieve, although there are some staples as far as food you should try. Sara's Ice Cream shop is kind of a neat little Ice Cream place. It's pretty nostalgic like a soda fountain and I think they still sell a cup of coffee for a quarter there. You should also go by oberle meat market (again I know this isn't really a restaurant) but they have "oberle sausage" (like a summer sausage but a whole lot better) that is sold in Schnuck's and dierbergs vacuum packed in St. Louis. It is so much better when you get it warm and freshly made though.

    As far as dining goes, the Old Brick serves "liver dumplings" a staple food in Ste. Genevieve. The menu is pretty much downhome cooking, but it fits the environment. If you venture out towards the wineries (Crown Valley, Chaumette, Cave, and Charleville) I would definitely recommend Chaumette for both wine and probably some of the best food in the area - food that's by no means limited to downhome cooking. I had a bison burger there that was awesome and they have a housemade roasted red pepper ketchup that's really good. My future father in law had a seared tuna salad that I know he really enjoyed. If you do make it out that way, try their Anrie wine. It's pretty tasty.

    Hope that helps a little bit.

    1. If you have time for a winery tour, You should check out Crown Vally winery, some very good wine.

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        Our trip to Ste. Gen was very pleasant. We ate at Brick House, Ste. Genevieve Hotel and Sirros. The first two were so-so and Sirros was, for me, more successful. I'm dieting and neither of us drinks, so the wineries were out for us. I would have loved an ice cream at Sara's--it was hot enough on Sunday, but since I am dieting, I didn't. I sure saw a lot of others enjoying ice cream though! We found the liver dumplings at the hotel, and I took 2 small tastes. I didn't detect much flavor at all. The fried chicken was good, even if I had to take the skin off to legally eat my piece. I consider Brick House and Ste. Genievieve Hotel very retro with limited menus and no appreciation for vegetables. Sirros next door to the old theater Orris (get it?) is a sandwich/pizza place more to my taste, and I had a very nice veggie sandwich, prepared just as I requested. I regret I didn't see Oberles until we were leaving Monday morning.

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          Yeah, it's pretty much a meat and potatoes kind of town, but it's a quaint, historical area with some possibilities. And, there are some things that will draw some people to the area such as the wineries and the historic buildings. The town does lack, however, a quality restaurant that does more than fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I suppose, however, a fairly rural community of ~5500 with no cities of any size within a 30 minute drive can support such an endeavour. Places have tried, in particular out near the wineries which are ~20 minutes outside the city, and as far as I recall failed.

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            We enjoyed our visit. I noticed that residents really did visit and enjoy their restaurants. So, I guess they are getting the food they want. Also, our servers were quite accommodating. Some of the people I met at breakfast at the Southern Hotel, talked about eating at outlying wineries, and I gather wineries are bringing in more tourists from MO and ILL. With more visitors, perhaps the restaurant scene will change a bit.