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May 22, 2008 04:12 PM

Driving to Cape Cod (Eastham) from NYC

Greetings. We will be driving from NYC to Cape Cod next week and we are looking for places to eat along the way. There are several vegetarians in the group so veg friendly would be nice but certainly not mandatory.

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  1. At the Goose Lane exit in Guilford CT (off 95) there is a diner that has (and promotes) a vegetarian section of its menu. Its name escapes me at the moment, but you will see a billboard about it in East Haven or thereabouts. We have eaten non-vegetarian food there on several occasions and find it to be quite good.

    1. Reins - decent deli, long lines at popular driving times. Sorry I don't know exactly where, but on NYC-Boston route.

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        It's off of Rte 84. Not an efficient way to go from NYC to Cape Cod.

      2. We usually stop in Providence, and especially like Olga's Cup and Saucer for terrific and creative breads, pizzas, salads and the like. Check the boards for other recommendations there and also in Mystic, which is about halfway.

        1. If you are leaving early enough you should stop at Kitchen Little. It's in Mystic not very far from the aquarium. It's always a stop of ours when we are on our way to Cape Cod. If you like spice, the Portugese egg breakfast is the best!

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            I second Kitchen Little. My husband and I have been going to the Cape since we were kids, and since we've known each other, Kitchen Little has been the 'carrot' that has dangled in front of us so that we could wake up at 5am and get on the road! It may seem like a military manover, but we would get to Kitchen Little before 8am, beat the crowds, then make it to the Sagamore Bridge around 10am, beating the worst traffic over the bridge into the Cape. Aaaah. Vacation.

          2. If you like seafood, there's Abbott's in Noank, CT.