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May 22, 2008 04:04 PM

Zuni, Nopa, Coco500 or somewhere else

I am taking my mom to dinner this Saturday night and everywhere I wanted to go is booked. These are 3 places that I have called that take walk-ins. I have been to Zuni but not to the other 2. Of the 3 which do you reccommend? Or do you have other ideas?

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  1. Probably be a shorter wait at Nopa.

    I prefer Zuni, but you might have a very long wait unless you go very early or very late.

    You might try Bar Jules.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I had a great meal at Bar Jules once, and then another that missed the mark on quite a few dishes. If you do go and you enjoy fine wine, ask to see their higher end wine list, since the stuff on the normal menu is more affordable and drinkable but not particularly complex.

    2. I really enjoy Serpentine. I think it's in the same model as NoPa in terms of fresh local ingredients and excellent cocktails, but I've never had the barbaric service issues that I've encountered at NoPa on more than one occasion. Since it's down in dogpatch, it seems to be less crowded though it's been increasingly busy each time I've gone.

      Serpentine is the second restaurant from the Slow Club owners and chef.