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Bridal Shower[Raleigh,Cary]

I am throwing a bridal shower and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of an amazing restaurant in the Raleigh or Cary areas that could accommodate a party of about 40-50 people. Any suggestions would be great and are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. How much are you willing to spend?

    And what type of food? Will you need to accomodate vegetarians, etc.?

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      That is a good question..at this point I do not think we have decided on a budget but we do not want to spend more than 15-30ish dollars a person maybe? And that maybe high! As far as what type of food we are looking for, yes vegetarians would need to be accomodated due to many who are kosher or have some allergies. We like all types of food and all types of restaurants. Thanks!

    2. After watching several people try to do this and fail, my suggestions are:

      Pick your favorite caterer and try to schedule the Raleigh Women's Club on Glenwood.


      Throw a picnic at Pullen Park - sundresses, white gloves, and hats.


      Book The Mint.

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        "Sisters" does the catering for the Women's Club - which is a fine option.

      2. I used to live in Raleigh, I loved Barbara Boney Catering.

        I also used to work at Caffe Luna, downtown Raleigh, he would do a buffet and beer and wine included for $40 a head. That was the bargain for a reception, might be a bit much for a shower..

        1. I have been to several weddings and showers at the Fearrington House in Pitsboro. Beautiful outdoor garden setting. http://www.fearrington.com/house/priv...

          1. I understand that 40 - 50 can be a lot of people to host and can be overwhelming, especially with busy schedules. My suggestion is the Triangle Grill, it's located in a new building on in Cary on Chatham (near the corner of NE Maynard). \www.thetrianglegrille.com Don't let the word grill scare you, it definitely had a more cosmopolitan feeling, with good, creative food and a large wine selection.

            With the number of guest you are expecting, you could probably have most of the place to yourself, there is also outside seating which gives your guests some ability to mingle a bit.

            I have only eaten there once, but everyone in our large party loved the food, wine and cocktails.

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              Has anyone ever eaten at Savoy in Raleigh? I beleive it is where Fins used to be off of Wake Forest Rd.

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                Savoy is stunningly good. It is in the old Fins spot at Lead Mine and Sawmill (not wake forest). The chefs visit the farmers market every morning to find fresh produce and then adjust the menu based on what's in season and highest quality. They are from Raleigh but have trained at Michelin starred restaurants in France and blow everything in the price range in Raleigh out of the water. I've had about 10 different dishes and haven't found anything less than stellar.

                For 40-50, you'd probably need to ask if they could do a private lunch on the weekend when they aren't normally open. Their 2 private dining areas seat about 14 each. I think the whole restaurant is around 60 seats.

                If you want to really have something memorable in the price range you are talking about, Savoy is the place to go. Your only issue might be that you'd need to take over the whole restaurant but they'd probably be open to that, especially if you do Saturday or Sunday lunch when they are closed.

                If you do arrange a private lunch, you should request that they make the golden raisin poppyseed sweetened bread for it.

                jo@restaurantsavoy.com is the manager and person to contact. www.restaurantsavoy.com will give you an idea of the menu and prices. Note that lunch and dinner prices are quite different.

                (for the record, I'm not connected with Savoy, just a picky foodie that is fortunate to live within walking distance of them)

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                  Thank you so much for your opinion...That was pretty much what I was hoping for in a response!

            2. I wonder if you could do it at Vivace at North Hills one afternoon in between their normal lunch and dinner hours. Vivace is a beautiful venue, and is not terribly expensive. Or maybe that 115 Midtown that is in that same section of North Hills..

              For the record, I do like that idea of catering an event outdoors.... maybe Fred Fletcher Park (in between St. Mary's St. and Glenwood Ave.) or the Rose Garden? For caterers I like Mitchell's and Barbara Boney